Vakhudan Posol

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His Excellency, Emperor
Vakhudan Posol
Ruler over Biramura and Her Dominion
Emperor of Biramura
In office
15 July 1795 – 14 December 1810
15 years, 152 days
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byYurev Posol
Personal details
Vakhudan Posolishvili

22 March 1738
Erov, Biramura
Died21 March 1831(1831-03-21) (aged 92)
Posoli, Salovia
SpouseElli Posol (Born Retishveli) (m.1751-1831)

Vakhudan Posol, often referred to as simply Vakhudan, was a Salovian-born military leader and prominent politician who formed the Biramuran Empire in the wake of the Era of Unrest. He reigned as the Emperor of Biramura until his death in 1810. Upon his death, his son Yurev Posol was crowned the second and last Emperor.