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International Movement Against Imperialism
Formation11 August 1915; 108 years ago (1915-08-11)
Region served
__ political parties
__ affiliated organizations
Secretary General
Main organ
Congress of the Movement Against Imperialism

The International Movement Against Imperialism is an international organization comprised of states, parties, and other organizations who seek to end imperialism. Though it is primarily comprised of left wing organizations, not every member of the IMAI is explicitly left wing.

The IMAI was founded in Uravin, the capital of Auravas. Its purpose was and still is to create a worldwide movement in resistance to imperialism, acting through a variety of tactics such as awareness campaigns, parliamentary action, demonstration organization, and diplomatic recognition of postcolonial states


The IMAI was founded in August of 1921 in Uravin, the Capital of Auravas, one of the few Gondwanan states that had maintained its independence through the imperialist efforts of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Heavily anti-imperialist, Auravas was an ideal location to base its operations, with the government supportive of the organization and many prominent Auravasi statesmen becoming founding members of the IMAI. The first meeting of the IMAI on August 11th, also known as the Uravin Convention, was organized by the Chairman of the __________ party, _________, and was attended by numerous anti-imperialists and intellectuals from both the imperialist and imperialized worlds.



The IMAI news publication, the Liberator, regularly releases in-depth journalism about colonial regimes, oppression, and anti-colonial resistance movements, and has been praised for its comprehensive coverage of such issues. The IMAI has also organized demonstrations against imperialism, both coordinated international efforts organized by the IMAI main body or regional protest movements aided by the IMAI or organized by regional branches of the organization.


All political parties in the IMAI have made commitments to push for anti-imperialist legislation in their respective governments, including diplomatic recognition of independent post-colonial states. The IMAI has also hosted conferences about anti-imperialism and actively participated in decolonization efforts by serving as an organizer of negotiations and the decolonization process itself.

Sapient Aid

The IMAI organizes and provides sapient aid for people suffering under colonial occupation, often collaborating with other governments and NGOs to raise resources and transport them to places which need them. Beyond essential resources for life, the IMAI also organizes other aid efforts such as education programs for regions disadvantaged due to imperialist actions.


The IMAI is one of the largest anti-imperialist organizations on Urth, with over __ affiliated organizations. Though its only stated requirement for membership is holding an anti-imperialist stance, it has faced controversy for rejecting some anti-imperialist yet far-right or ultranationalist organizations.