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Lerasi, otherwise known by forum name “Mangegneithe”, World Assembly nation “Aivintis”, and a slew of other alternate accounts and names (to the point of ridiculousness), is a player residing mainly in The East Pacific and The Free Nations Region.

I am a roleplayer, first and foremost, with nations on Valsora, Urth, and the RMB exclusive roleplay TAZE (also known as TACEZ). Nation roleplay for me is characterized mostly by authoritarian regimes, but my main focus is character roleplay, especially as relating to supernatural/mythological lore. One constant throughout all my roleplays is some connection to the entity known as Theondume, usually a God of power, authority, or order. Sometimes these connections are subtle, sometimes they are very poorly concealed.

I am also a major government fella, having held multiple offices in multiple regions. I’ve explored the judiciary, the legislature, and many departments of the Executive since January 2020, throughout multiple governments and region. Military gameplay is something I’m rather fond of, but depending on the times I am known to move around my WA and occasionally lock it. The highest position I’ve ever held was that of Vice Delegate, where I served as the right hand of The East Pacific’s 21st Delegate, Libertanny, in his second term.

I am the funniest guy ever this is just facts and logic and science and there’s no denying it. Haters like Great Algerstonia, Euricanis, and Zukchiva - who are all probably just Slatos puppets as far as I’m concerned - will say I’m not, but they’re dumb losers and buttheads anyway and don’t listen to them okay?

Anyway, brief introductions aside, here’s a handy dandy link guide. All of these link to dispatches of Mangegneithe Info Center, the nation I use to try and record important stuff like my offices/positions in regional government, all NationStates accounts I own, RP nations, etc. I miss a lot of things, so it’s not the most reliable record ever, but it’s the most reliable you’ll find of me, and I have specifically made a system where I outright tell you when the dispatch was last updated, so you know how valid it is. That said, if it was updated like two months ago, it’s not that likely to be false. Enough rambling, here we go:

Things I’ve Written, categorized

Active RP Nations

Government Titles/Offices

Active Nations/Accounts In Use