University of Uravin

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University of Uravin
AbbreviationUUrav (pronounced You-rav)
PredecessorScholarly communities in old Aurav, School of Natural Philosophies
Formation24th March 1896
TypePublic Residential Research University
Legal statusNon-profit
  • Uravin, Auravas
Kian Samoe

The University of Uravin is a public research university in Uravin, Auravas. It was founded as a tution-free university in 1896 during the social reforms of the Great Red Shift and was part of a plan to expand access to education. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Gondwana and the world, and is considered the most prestigious in Auravas.


Even before the establishment of UUrav, Uravin was a center of knowledge and learning. Before the Silvist takeover, it was a hub of education that people travelled far and wide to get to. The School of Natural Philosophies, founded in 365, was an incredibly prestigious school. After the Silvist takeover, education was suppressed for a time, but when Auravas was freed, the spirit of knowledge returned.

The Great Red Shift in the 1890s brought about many social reforms to help the people, and one of these reforms was access to education. The University of UUrav was founded in 1896 as a tuition-free university. Since then, it has grown into the most prestigious university in Auravas, conducts research, and cooperates with many other organizations.



The University of Uravin is a public non-profit organization who's highest authority is the University Council, comprised of representatives of students, faculty, staff, and state. The Council elects the president of UUrav, who oversees daily running of the university and proposes policy to the Council. The current president of UUrav is Dr. Kian Samoe While accountable to the government and the department of education, UUrav has the independence to carry out its own research.

Academic Divisions

The University of Uravin consists of Schools which control and administer different domains of research and academics.

List of UUrav schools:

  • School of Natural Sciences
  • School of Humanities
  • School of the Arts
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Information, Logic, and Mathematics


The University of Uravin consists of 3 main campuses

Capital Campus

Capital Campus, located in Uravin, is the main campus of UUrav and hosts most departments and administrative offices.

Southern Campus

Southern campus, located south of Capital Campus, is mainly devoted to the school of medicine and life sciences.

Kaskadan Mountains Research Facility

The Kaskadan Mountains Research Facility, located in the Kaskadan Mountains in central Auravas, is entirely devoted to research on a variety of subjects pertaining the natural world, such as climatology and geography.



UUrav carries out a very high amount of research in a variety of subjects. Its 2021 research expenditures were $1.34 billion.


The University of Uravin is ranked as the best university in Auravas, and is one of the most prestigious universities in Gondwana.


The UUrav library system is comprised of a set of libraries, administered by individual schools and the central administration. It has approximately 16 million volumes, making it one of the largest libraries in the world. The UUrav Digital Repository provides digital not-for-sale access to many writings such as dissertations, manuscripts, and more. UUrav also has an array of museums which house a collection of historical artifacts.

Student Life

The University administers a host of extracurricular activities, including UUrav Orchestra, UUrav Student Newspaper, and more. There are also a variety of clubs and societies students can join, such as Model IF, the Student Art Society, the UUrav Volunteer Center, and more.

Students at UUrav are housed in residential halls, which provide housing, welfare, and more for the students. Residential areas also have many dining halls The University provides a bus system for the students, and students can also use the extensive railway systems to go to different parts of the University. Entertainment is provided in many forms, such as cinemas and gymnasiums.

International Partnerships

Auravas has a number of student exchange programs with foreign nations, and many students come to UUrav. It cooperates with the scientific division of the Council of Gondwana, the GSRI. It also cooperates with the Smeralda League, a university association in Phoenixia. Additionally, UUrav is part of a joint aquaculture research program with ____, a university in the Federation of the Southern Coast.

Notable people


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Auravas, Amasi Sariko

Administrator of the GSRI, Dr Piran Enker

President of Auravas, Jadan Sator


President of UUrav, Dr Kian Samoe

Minister of Education of Auravas, Dr Ika Ponatel