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Ueney, officially the Republic's District of Ueneya is a major city located in continental northeastern Veutoa. It is the capital and largest city of both the Ueneva Autonomical Region and Kavarana Province.

With around 531,000 inhabitants, it is the 4th largest city in Veutoa by city population and 3rd by metropolitan one. It is also the highest and lowest city in Veutoa by meters above sea level, having 1/7th of the city on the Koro Mountain, at 721 meters over sea level (with some houses reaching the 1000 meter mark) and 2/7th under sea level, in the Kiriva Depression.


Foundation of the city

Ueney has been a major city since 1821, when the Ueneva County Census declared the population to be at 125,000 which is, currently, the census demarkation line for major cities (also see: Denominations to cities in Veutoa), but there's registered proof of the city existing when the Hervuskeikt took it over, making it its capital. Originally it was called Haacet (Haa's City), due to the creation of the capital by Haa, the 5th emperor of the Hervuskeikt.