The Imperial Self Defense Force of Fuso

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Imperial Self Defense Force
Ensign of the Self Defense Forces
Founded1868, Imperial Army
Current form1956, Self Defense Forces
Service branches
  • Ground Self Defense Force
  • Maritime Self Defense Force
  • Air Self Defense Force
HeadquartersJoint Forces Command, MoD, Shinsu
Minister of DefenseIchikawa Nao
Chief of StaffGeneral Takehisa Shinagawa
Military age18 years of age
Available for
military service
10,245,000, age 17-34 (2016 est)
Fit for
military service
5,540,000, age 17-34 (2016 est)
Reaching military
age annually
459,000 (2016 est)
Active personnel678,000
Reserve personnel1.2 Million
Budget¥5,582,902,000,000 ($52 Trillion)
Percent of GDP2%
Domestic suppliersMitsubishi Group
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Shinohara Heavy Industries
Fuji Heavy Industries
Komatsu Ltd.
Nakamura Corporation Ltd
Howa Machinery Company Ltd.
Shikorusukī Aeronautics & Defense Company
Fukuda Electric Corporation
Fuso Steel Works Ltd.
Kazui Engineering & Shipbuilding

The Imperial Self Defense Force (帝国自衛隊, Teikoku Jieitai), ISDF, or Self Defense Forces is the unified military forces of Fuso. It was established in 1868 as the Imperial Army and underwent its name change after the unification of the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy into the ISDF under the Ministry of Defense in 1956. The Imperial Self Defense Force comprises of three services, the Ground Self Defense Force, Maritime Self Defense Force, and Air Self Defense Force.

Infantry Weapons

Light Weapons
Name Type Caliber Branches Notes Picture
Small arms
Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm ISDF The most recent addition to the Howa line of assault rifles. Entering service in 1989, the Type 98 became the standard issue service rifle for frontline ISDF troops. The Type 89-F, also known as the Type 89 Para, is issued to vehicle crewmen, airborne troops and reconnaissance troops. It comes equipped with a folding stock.
Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm IGSDF The predecessor to the Type 89, the Howa Type 64 currently serves as the standard issue rifle for reservists and rear line troops in the ISDF.
M24A2 SWS Sniper Rifle 7.62x51mm ISDF Entering service with the ISDF in the early 2010s, the M24A2 replaced the Howa Type 64 Sniper Rifle as the dedicated sniper rifle of the ISDF's reconnaissance teams.
Minebea Pistol Model 9mm (PM-9) Pistol 9x19mm Parabellum ISDF Standard issue sidearm across all services of the ISDF.
Minebea 9mm Machine Pistol PM-9 Machine Pistol 9x19mm Parabellum ISDF Primary submachinegun of the Self Defense Force. Commonly issued to airborne troops, reconnaissance troops, vehicle crewmen, and IMSDF and IASDF security teams.
Banelo M1014 Shotgun 12/70 gauge ISDF Go-to shotgun for close-quarters engagements and breaching amongst those in Fuso's Special Forces community. Issued to regular infantry units for urban combat and breaching.
Sumitomo M2 Browning Machine Gun Heavy Machine Gun .50 BMG ISDF Standard HMG of the Self Defense Forces. Can be commonly found mounted on vehicles and used as a static weapons platform.
Sumitomo Minimi 5.56 Machine Gun Light Machine Gun 5.56x45mm ISDF Standard LMG of the Self Defense Forces. Issued to autoriflemen at the squad level in the Ground Self Defense Force and the SNLF.
NTK/Sumitomo Type 62 Machine Gun General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62x51mm ISDF Standard GPMG of the Self Defense Forces. Issued to machine gunners at the platoon level in the Ground Self Defense Force and the SNLF. The Type 74 variant of the Type 62 serves as an in-vehicle machine gun.
Type 06 Rifle Grenade Rifle Grenade 40mm ISDF Rifle grenade made to be fired from a rifleman's Type 89 or Type 64 without any external attachments needed.
Support Weapons
Howa Type 96 AGL Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm ISDF An automatic grenade launcher commonly found in use by the infantry at the company level as a heavy support weapon. The Type 96 is also mounted on vehicles such as the Type 74, Type 96 WAPC, and Komatsu LAV.
Nissan/IHI Aerospace 110mm LAM Disposable Light Anti-Tank Weapon 110mm ISDF Made under license by Nissan/IHI Aerospace Corporation. Standard anti-tank weapon issued to ISDF AT soldiers at the squad level.
Howa Type 84 Recoilless Rifle Recoilless Rifle 84mm ISDF Made under license by Howa. Standard anti-tank weapon issued to ISDF AT soldiers at the platoon level. The Type 84RR can be commonly found in use with mechanized and regular infantry.

Crewed Ground Platforms

Crewed Platforms
Name Type Armament Branches Notes Picture
Armored Fighting Vehicles
MHI Type 10 Hitomaru Main Battle Tank Smoothbore 120mm Gun M65A1 GSDF The most advanced tank in the Ground Self Defense Force's arsenal, the Type 10 Hitomaru (one zero) is a lightweight 4th Generation Main Battle Tank that suits most of the GSDF's needs. Entered production in 2014.
MHI Type 90 Kyumaru Main Battle Tank Smoothbore 120mm Gun M65A1 GSDF The replacement for the Type 74 and the earlier Type 61, the Type 90 Kyumaru (nine zero) entered production in the 1990s. It is supplemented by the Type 10 in its role as the backbone of Fuso's armored corps.
Komatsu Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier Armored Personnel Carrier Type 96 40mm GL or 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun GSDF SNLF Created to introduce a more modern system into the Ground Self Defense Force and to replace the aging Type 73 and Type 60 APCs, the Type 96 gave troops a solid troop carrier. In 2016, the Type 96 was re-designed and given upgrades to increase its resistance against vehicle mines.
MHI Type 73 Armored Personnel Carrier 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun and NTK Type 74 IVMG. GSDF SNLF Entering service with the ISDF in 1973, the Type 73 APC replaced the Type 60 APC by 1980. It serves as one of the main methods of transport for mechanized troops in the ISDF and is supplemented by the Type 96 WAPC. Variants of the Type 73 allow it to carry mortars and serve as a command vehicle. The Type 73 can also function as an amphibious transport. However, it requires external equipment to be able to do so.
MHI Type 89 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle 35mm KDE Cannon, Type 79 Jyu-MAT GSDF The Type 89 is the mainstay Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the ISDF. It serves as a multi-role vehicle but is mostly used for infantry transport, heavy infantry support, and reconnaissance by the ISDF.
MHI Type 74 Main Battle Tank 105mm Gun M7A3, Type 96 40mm GL GSDF SNLF The Type 74 "Nanayon" (seven four) was formerly the de facto Main Battle Tank of the SGSDF. In the 1990s, it was superseded by the Type 90. The current variant of the Type 74 in service is the Type 74 Mod G/Kai, a modernized Type 74 G.
Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle Armored Vehicle Type 96 40mm GL, Type 62 GPMG, or 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun ISDF The Komatsu LAV is a transport vehicle used by all branches of the ISDF for infantry transport in conjunction with the Toyota HMV and Type 96.
MHI Amphibious Assault Vehicle Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier 12.7mm M78 Heavy Machine Gun or Type 96 40mm GL SNLF Built under license by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The Amphibious Assault Vehicle is the mainstay landing vehicle of the SNLF. It is a tracked armored personnel carrier and can be armed with either a grenade launcher or a 12.7mm HMG. AAVs are usually launched from the well of an amphibious transport dock or transport ship.
Utility Vehicles
Toyota High Mobility Vehicle Armored Vehicle 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun ISDF The Toyota High Mobility Vehicle is a utility vehicle used by both the GSDF and the SNLF. It has an optional cover for the rear truck bed and can carry both cargo or infantry. The HMV can also be modified to become a mobile command post, radar station, or communications station.
Toyota M1176 Ground Mobility Vehicle Armored Vehicle Variable ISDF The Toyota M1176 GMV is a vehicle tailored to the needs of Setznan Special Forces operators from across all branches. Derived from the High Mobility Vehicle, it can be considered as a smaller HMV. Highly modular, the GMV is able to fit any role required by Setznan operators and can be quickly modified on the field for any mission situation. As long as the platform can support it, it can carry it.
Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck ½-Ton Utility Vehicle Optional M2HB ISDF The Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck is a half-ton car based off of the widespread Jeep design. The current variant in service is the Type 73 Shin. It is mainly used by the ISDF for reconnaissance and personal transportation.
Mitsubishi Fiji Type 74 Heavy Truck Heavy Utility Truck N/A ISDF The Mitsubishi Type 74 Series is a line of heavy utility trucks used for heavy lifting, as tractors, and transportation by all branches of the ISDF. It is supplemented by the Type 73 Medium Truck.
Toyota Type 73 Chugata Medium Utility Truck 2½-Ton Utility Vehicle N/A ISDF The Toyota Type 73 Medium Utility Truck is an all purpose, all terrain vehicle. It supplements the Type 88 in the transportation role.
Engineer Vehicles
Anti-Air Platforms
Type 87 Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun SPAAG 2 x 35mm KDA Autocannons GSDF SNLF Mainstay gun-type air defense platform for the Imperial Self Defense Force since its introduction in 1987. Nicknamed the "Guntank" by R&D Bureau officers during its testing stages for its uncanny resemblance to a certain mech from an anime mecha series that had aired about 8 years prior.
Artillery Platforms