Tennabroch Empire

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Constitutional Stratocracy of Tennabroch

konstitutionelle Stratokratie von Tennabroch
" (English)
Death before Dishonor (Alternative: Duty, family, fraternity)"
"Eiserne Litanei (German)"
Iron Litany a
Largest cityRymyia
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Tenno (Singular), Tennii (Plural)
GovernmentConstitutional Stratocracy
Erwin Volker
Adrian Hilmar
LegislatureHigh Command Bureaucratic Division
Establishment from Civil War started by major General
• Ratified
February 18th 1741
• Unification of scattered kingdoms
February 21st 1741
• Total
188,650 square[convert: unknown unit] (N/A)
• Water (%)
• January 10th 2020 (Aftermath Census) estimate
42.2-4.5.5 Million (current), 70 Million (Pre Civil War) (N/A)
• 2020 census
• Density
178–200/km2 (461.0–518.0/sq mi) (167th)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
$762 Billion Dollars
• Per capita
$22,650 (N/A)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$25.759 billion
• Per capita
Error: Invalid HDI value · N/A
CurrencyReichsmark (WIP)
Time zoneUTCWIP (WIP)
• Summer (DST)
Mains electricityWIP
Driving sideright
Calling code+442
Internet TLD.cm

The Constitutional Stratocracy of Tennabroch also known as the CST or more commonly known as Tennabroch. Tennabroch is located in a transcontinental region bordering Southeastern Yasteria and Northern Arcturia comprised of Eight regional provinces which act as sections of the Parliamentary System operated by Tennabroch. For the longest time the Country had been a Monarchy since as far back as 1776-1780 with the exact details left up to speculation and conjecture. However, ever since the War of Three Kings in 1850-1863 the Country has been in a state of constant turmoil between rampant corruption, terrible dynasties, crime, and incredible leaders such as Queen Erika Krauftheimer I. Theirs is a country of war and internal strife. Therefore it should be no secret that in 1990-2000 there was a Rebellion led by General Erwin Volker to overthrow the Monarchy. By the end of it, General Volker had burned the Royal Palace and executed the Monarchs. However, it is unknown exactly what transpired within the Royal Palace. Currently Tennabroch maintains a hardline Regulated Capitalism stance and a militarized posture. By May 21st 2021 however, Tennabroch is undergoing a regime change to become a Federal Republic instead of a Constitutional Stratocracy.

Tennabroch's current population is in the realm of 42.2-45.5 Million after the dramatic population drop in light of the Haganii Genocides of the Vulpine population in the Country and dissenting populations in light of the resulting civil war. Due to the War as well there was a mass amount of gaseous weapons and indiscriminate collateral damage from aerial bombing and napalm strikes. It also involved mass shootings of POWs and the torture of the families of the rebels. In some cases even the missile bombardment of entire major cities. Currently the economy sits around 768 Billion Marks (the Tennabroch Currency) and is steadily increasing. They had a boost of population immediately after the war as well.