Tales of Aivintis

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The Tales of Aivintis are a collection of strange, esoteric, and supernatural legends, statements, and writings. The Tales of Aivintis were originally collected by Howard Phillip Augustus Smith, but the anthology was officially finished by Nathaniel Barnabas Smith, who added his own notes, alongside a number of newer Tales. The Tales of Aivintis remain in the Archives of the Nathaniel Barnabas Smith Institute of Research and Technology. Since the Institute's founding, the Black Hand within has protected the collection, the original copy being secured safely in the Artefact Vault of the Archives, and a copy of it is protected by numerous firewalls and passwords in the digital archives, which have been supplemented with other archived texts and recordings relating to them. Despite its involvement in numerous scientific fields and in many technologically advanced industries, the main purpose of the Institute, as viewed by the Black Hand, is fundamentally to investigate and document all findings related to the Tales.