Summer Palace

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The Réoran Palace
La Palacia Réoran
The Summer Palace on the western palisade of the Ría Dorada in Eleçeron
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General information
Architectural style
  • Antoran NeoDeus
  • Réoran Classical
Address600 Riverview Avenue
Town or cityEleçeron
Current tenantsHouse of Naranza-Carrateó
Construction started8 July 1540
Inaugurated20 July 1546
OwnerHouse of Naranza-Carrateó
Design and construction
ArchitectVizo Marchallo

The Summer Palace is the current colloquial name for the Réoran Palace, the former city residence of the House of Carrateó, and the current summer residence for the Monarch of Antora. Located in the center of the city of Eleçeron, the palace sits strategically atop the cliffs on the western bank of the Ría Dorada. It is directly across via the Sofía Bridge from the Assembly District, which houses the recognizable landmarks of the Assembly Halls and the Cathedral of Saint Emmanuel Vancia, the former of which is the seat of Antoran government.

The Palace was built in the 1540s as a new royal residence of the rulers of Réal, the House of Carrateó. Commissioned by Queen Margarita Benevolencia to provide a living space in the largest city in their realm, the Palace was completed in 1546. The core of the current building, the large rotunda and connected keep, townhomes, and gallery, were built to house the royal court, stables, and offices. Over the next century the structure was expanded by King Marius Sancho, and after the Conquista, Kings Felipe II and III. Due to the high altitude and surrounding climate, the Palace was chosen as the summer residence for the new House of Naranza-Carrateó, providing more comfortable living than the Naranza Palace in Porta Tranquila.

The major structural additions of the long cloister-style rowhouses and offices took place in the mid-1800s, which today includes the well-known Royal Treasury. This particular area of the Palace is open to public tours in December, and is a functioning (though guarded and monitored) branch of the Royal Antoran Mint. Much of the living space in the Palace is concentrated in the main keep and townhomes, and also includes barracks for the Royal Antoran Guard detachment stationed here. A rail stop just outside the palace is in place for the 2 and 4 lines of Eleçeron Public Rail, though access to the structure from this station is restricted.

Today, the Palace is less-frequently used in official events, though it is used as a receiving location for foreign heads of state visiting the capital. The Monarch also hosts gatherings of state officials and maintains a working office for when their presence is required near the Assembly Halls. The Royal Family will spend summer months here, though due to the proximity of the Palace to residential areas, this does not happen regularly. With 512 rooms, the Royal Mews, and a weather station in the rotunda, the Palace is the second largest royal property currently open to the public.

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