States of Vivancantadia

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The states of Vivancantadia (Enchanta:Mxixo) are the first level constituent entities of the Vivancantadian Kingdom. constituting its second NUTS administrative level. There are 32 States of which one is a protected government area(Ciutadilla)


Flag Banner State Capital Population
Flag1.png Banner1.png Alitaje Cerna 1,845,732
Flag6.png Banner6.png Ansemil Ortegaoan 527,632
Flag7.png Banner7.png Arlucea Bustamante 325,742
Flag8.png Banner8.png Belmontejo Comeo 185,274
Flag9.png Banner9.png Cerdido Corazon 207,485
Flag10.png Banner10.png Ciutadilla Rosalinda 198,745
Flag11.png Banner11.png Cueras Pelino 247,895
Flag12.png Banner12.png Graus Fort Dunlin 354,127
Flag13.png Banner13.png Hormigos Caling 274,142
Flag14.png Banner14.png Isabela Trini 124,789
Flag15.png Banner15.png Jerte Olavarria 284,447
Flag16.png Banner16.png Lamosa Maximiliano 162,624
Flag17.png Banner17.png Leobalde New Vitaryn 254,829
Flag18.png Vanner18.png Liengres Nieve Montana 154,285
Flag19.png Banner19.png Lozares Sarimos 1,918,733
Flag26.png Banner26.png Miraflores Apa 412,571
Flag21.png Banner21.png Montejaque Gallegos 355,147
Flag22.png Banner22.png Morentin Ladislao 225,479
Flag23.png Banner23.png Padris Amigable 625,742
Flag24.png Banner24.png Pedernales Valentín 2,574,136
Flag42.jpg Banner42.png Pozos Galecea 238,571
Flag27.png Banner27.png Roturas Magdalita 472,413
Flag28.png Banner28.png Runes Bautista 758,324
Flag40.png Banner40.png Sarceda Montes 683,971
Flag41.png Banner41.png Secano Fernando 352,789
Flag33.png Banner33.png Sequiero Delcano 354,712
Flag34.png Banner34.png Torrevelilla Balbino 249,137
Flag39.png Banner39.png Valdermerilla Mauricio 524,769
Flag38.png Banner38.png Valenoso Ximena 286,573
Flag43.png Banner43.png Vilelcano Ibrahim 3,512,469
Flag36.png Banner36.png Zolle Belleza 385,412