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Spiiker Automobiel Fabriek
TypePublic limited company
FounderJan & Klaas Spiiker
Area served
Key people
Dennis Rondeau
ProductsExclusive sportscars
RevenueDecrease ♅ 6.1 million (2012)
Decrease ♅ 13.8 million (2012)
Increase ♅ 114 million (2012)
Total assetsDecrease ♅ 0.1 million (2012)
DivisionsSpiiker S1 Team

Spiiker is the only carbrand orriginally from Blueacia. It started in the early 1800's as a coachbuilder in Salovia. After the invention of the combustion engine Spiiker is of the very few that succesfully made the switch from coach building to car building. Spiiker handbuilds all their cars, this to ensure the exclusiveness of the brand. The factory of Spiiker has moved from Blueacia a long time ago because of space. But it's still a Blueacian brand this is shown is some small detailts in the car. For example the vents in the car are not round but lily shaped.


Spiiker is a special car brand in that it is one of the few (or the only one) that doesn't advertise the cars. Instead all the money that would go to advertizing is put into the sports division and the brand advertizes the cars and the brand that way. As Dennis said when he bought part of the brand and started as CEO "If people see us beating our competition on the track, they eventually will buy our cars." This is also the reason why Spiiker has been in every S1 season to date.