Social Democratic Party (Durakia)

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Social Democratic Party

Sotsail Demokratish Parti
LeaderKlarissa Antonov (de facto)
General SecretaryKlarissa Antonov
Trade Union Council LeaderEmil Petrov
FounderAndrei Vehr
FoundedJune 12th, 1995
Split fromDurakan Labour Front
HeadquartersWesnov, Durakia
Student wingStudents for Social Democracy
IdeologySocial Democracy
Hessian Unionism
Political positionCentre-Left
International affiliationOrganization of Socialists for the Rights of the Proletariat (observer)
Affiliate partiesProgressive Social Democratic Party
Social Democratic Party of Irnac
Anti War Socialist Party
Colours  Light Red
Council of Trade Unions
61 / 300

The Social Democratic Party is a centre-left political party in Durakia. It has been one of the main political parties in Durakia since it's inception in 1995, with SDP Candidate Irwin Miller becoming Direklieter of Durakia in the same year. The SDP has held the position for 15 of the 25 years since it's founding, under the Miller Administration of 1995-2000, and later the Adley Administration of 2010-Present. In the Council of Trade Unions, the SDP has consistently been either part of an coalition government with the Democratic Workers' Party, or the leading Opposition Party.

The Party was formed following the split up of the Durakan Labour Front on Pro-War and Anti-War lines, with the Anti-War faction splitting to form the SDP, while the Pro-War faction reorganized into the Democratic Workers' Party. The Social Democratic Party is currently in the majority of the Council of Trade Unions under the Hyla-Petrov Coalition.