Saidun the Conqueror

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Saidun the Conqueror
Sultan of Packilvania
muShultan muIkhtet weluThob luZafran (The First Sultan in an Orange Robe) by Thulhamood Furdan
Sultan of Packilvania
Reign1675 - 1702
PredecessorHigh King Uden II
SuccessorSultan Ishak IV
BornSaidun a-Ilmadien Demir
c. 1620
Halaler, Fidakar
Diedc. 1702
IssueSultan Ishak IV
HouseDemirite dynasty
FatherKing Ilmadien IV of Fidakar
MotherQueen Suleimina of Fidakar

Saidun the Conqueror also known as Saidun I, born Saidun a-Ilmadien Demir was the King of Fidakar, patriarch of the Demirite dynasty, and subsequently the Sultan of Packilvania.

He was born, raised and lived in the Halaler Royal Palace in 1620. He assumed the throne of the Kingdom of Fidakar in 1650 when his father, King Ilmadien IV passed away. Starting circa 1668, his kingdom became wealthy from good rains and an abundance in agriculture and mining from the discovery of large reserves of gold.

He lent money to the United Kingdom of Packilania under the reign of the Zubrayn dynasty, then ruled by High King Uden II. He took advantage of, encouraged and supported aristocrats and clerics who rebelled against the rule of the Zubraynite dynasty. Coupled with the the droughts and economic crises facing Packilvania at the time, Packilvania was facing chaos. With Packilvania defaulting on its debts, Saidun demanded that Uden II abdicate in his favour. Failing this, Saidun invaded Mekedesh, Rigaryat and Bingol, seized the Bingol Royal Palace and arrested Uden II. Uden II forcibly ceded power to Saidun and ordered his subjects to do the same.

Fidakar was amalgamated into Packilvania and Saidun moved his court from Halaler to Bingol. He deposed and removed officials, clerics and aristocrats who opposed him and put his siblings and supporters in positions of power throughout the realm. He was proclaimed Sultan and proliferated a humanocentric version of the prophecy of Prophet Sohadek that a primine would become the Sultan, a title he took for himself. He established the Demirite dynasty's rule over the newly declared Sultanate of Packilvania.

Most of his reign and that of his son Ishak IV and grandson Zygros I was spent conquering the remaining realms that comprised Packilvania and strengthening internal stability and repelling invasions from nomadic tribes in the north. He founded a humanocentric dictatorship based on the Sohadekist school of Paxism. He died in 1702 and was succeeded by his son Ishak IV.