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These rules apply to TEP Evolved's Urth Multiverse. By joining our RPG and roleplaying with us, you automatically agree to these rules. Be aware that the rules may periodically change. All changes will be announced; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to remain abreast of any changes. Thank you for reading carefully!


  1. Roleplayers at TEP Evolved agree to respect their fellow roleplayers. Insulting, cursing, harassing, or otherwise attempting to or causing harm to another player will result in immediate and severe consequences.
  2. Roleplayers agree that roleplay — as defined and outlined in the Bad Roleplay Guide section of the Roleplay Rules — including but not limited to powerplay, godmodding, and metagaming — may not occur at TEP Evolved.
  3. TEP Evolved has a general rating of PG-13.
  4. We do not have a word or paragraph minimum. Proper grammar and spelling are required.


  1. Please register your nation.
  2. A citizenship, resident or roleplay pass application is required to join. You can find the applications in the Newcomers Start Here section of The East Pacific Regional Forum.
  3. TEP Evolved considers itself a beginner/intermediate/advanced roleplaying universe; all are welcomed. As such, good spelling and grammar in your application are required.
  4. Refusal to work with the administration to fix application errors may result in a roleplayer being unwelcome to join.


  1. TEP Evolved is set in current in real life time, Urth, The Multiverse. Characters should be appropriate to this setting in application and once roleplaying in the game as a part of good roleplay realism.
  2. The time of our roleplay advances in a relatively normal real life time.
  3. Players may participate in as many threads and roleplays as they like.


  1. Characters are limited to the following species:
  2. Rolelayers are not limited to set number of characters.