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Bad Roleplay

There are several bad roleplay behaviors common to many RPGs. They are often employed by those new to forum roleplaying games. This is because these things are specific to roleplay, some to forum roleplay. It’s no wonder newcomers don’t know all the ropes yet. However, bad roleplay also may come from experienced players.

While bad roleplay may seem harmless, it is at best irritating to other players. At worst, it’s against your RPG’s rules. Some forum roleplaying games ban these behaviors specifically. Other games rely on the “tacit assumption” that bad roleplay (metagaming, powerplay, godmodding) is never okay. Unless you’re certain, avoid these “techniques.”

Introduction to Bad Roleplay

Absolute Bad Roleplay Guide?

Bad roleplay concepts are different in different games, styles, and groups of forum roleplaying games. What is “powerplay” at one RPG is referred to as “godmodding” elsewhere. This guide is not intended as the be-all, end-all guide to bad roleplay. It provides a basis for RPG administrators and roleplayers who wish to define bad roleplay similarly. In short: there are many definitions for these concepts. You (and your game’s rules) may or may not agree.

Bad Roleplay and RPG Consent Level

The Bad Roleplay guide is designed for Strong Consent roleplay games. Concepts such as powerplay may not apply at Non-Consent games.

The Bad Roleplay Umbrella: Godmoding

=== Definitions ===

godmoder (noun)
A roleplayer or roleplay character engaging in metagaming, powerplaying, or godmodding.
godmoding (verb)
The act of godmoding.
godmode (noun)
Generally not used in forum roleplay, though characters may be referred to as “in godmode” in rare instances.