Rivorthor I, the Black Crown

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Rivorthor I, the Black Crown is the current King of Grey Haven of Tauraucania. He is the first generation of monarchs of the Kingdom. After the great march to the West led by their God, Hoeth, he was crowned King of the Asura, protector of Laurelîn, lord of Taur-nu-Fuin and keeper of the Flame. His prowess in battle is legendary, as is his ruthless towards the enemy. He is married, but the identity of the queen is unknown.

Rivorthor I is a very strict King with his people, ruling them with Iron Fist. The explanation for such behavior is that he is an Absolutist Monarch with moralistic views. When he was just a child, he survived an attempted capture by privateers on the coast of Gondwana, when the asura were still marching for the land that Hoeth led them. Since then he has become an elf who suspected everything and everyone. He had no friendships until he found his queen, which the people of Tauraucania are unaware of her identity since Rivorthor protects her every way possible. Palace guards are prohibited from describing her image, and there are rumors that the monarch executes anyone who mentions his wife's appearence outside his palace, being him who sentences and kills the transgressor (he's a quite skilled warrior with all weapons). The King also plans to honor his queen with an statue, but when is anybody's guess. Ambassadors from foreign nations argue that it is traditional in Tauraucania that the King and Queen of Tauraucania die at the same time of natural causes. This only applies during peaceful times. Elven historians have studied Rivorthor's lineage and say that such an event will take place 75 years from now, when the Red Star will emerge from the South.