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The Laws of the East Pacific

The Concordat (constitutional founding act) is the foundation of TEP regional law. All other regional norms derive their legal authority from the Concordat. In TEP law, we have the following classes of norms: the Concordat, regional acts, institutional standing orders, Magisterium resolutions, and the governments executive orders. Treaties, ratified by the Magisterium, are in the same class as regional acts.

The Concordat
The Concordat of the East Pacific

The North-East Pacific Security Treaty
The January Accords
The Treaty of Klunvorden
The Pacifican Horticultural Arrangement
Treaty of Aarhus
Treaty of the Waxing Moon
The Galapagos Accords
The Non-Aggression Pact with the Land of Kings and Emperors
The Poem of the Greats
The Treaty of Santiago de Chile
The Aurora Covenant Treaty

Standard Time Act
Chief Officer of Justice Act
Regional Identity Act
Criminal Code
The Regional Officers Act
Punishment Documentation Act
Public Official Disclosure Act
Delegate Elections Act
The Curia Act
Treason Act
Citizenship Act
The Order of the Golden Ocelot Act
Endorsement Caps Act
Regional Message Board Regulation Act

Standing Orders
Standing Orders of the Magisterium
Standing Orders of Conclave
Standing Orders of the Executive
Standing Orders of the Viziers (Praesidium)

Foreign Dignitaries Mask Resolution
Forum Administration Resolution
Resolution authorizing the deployment of EPSA against violators of TEP's or TEP's allies RMB
Legislative Procedure Resolution
Resolution to Honor 10 Years of Packilvania
Resolution to Enact Instant-Runoff Voting
Resolution to Commend Gen. Xoriet Ysabel Montresor
Resolution on the Establishment Of A Public Attorney Office
Resolution on Legislation Records
Resolution on Supporting TEAPOT
Clown Town Resolution

Additional information
Additional information on TEP's norms can be found in the Bachtendekuppen Memorial Library (here), the Conclave (Library of the Court), the Repealed Laws section of the Magisterium (Repealed Laws) and the archives of the Magisterium (Archives of the Magisterium).