Queen Dorothea

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Queen of Alksearia
Queen of Alksearia
Reign16th October 2020 to Present
PredecessorKing Eldras VI
Born (1998-07-05) 5 July 1998 (age 26)
Royal Castle, Urgia-Nova, Urgia-Nova Proper, Alksearia
Dorothea Rhea Rose Tuvania
FatherKing Eldras VI
MotherQueen Annia
ReligionChurch of Xaethos

Queen Dorothea (born: Dorothea Rhea Rose Tavania) is the current Queen of Alksearia. She ascended to the throne upon her father's death on 16th October 2020. Before ascending to the throne, Dorothea was the Princess of Tuvania, the title given to the heir apparent. She attended undergraduate school at the Univeristy of Urgia-Sova and earned her Bachelors of Arts in International Relations at age 18. She then went on to attend Urgia Law and earned her Juris Doctorate. She is the first Monarch of Alksearia to hold an undergraduate degree and the first Monarch to have graduated from a Graduate school. She is also the first Monarch to ascend to the throne while being single. Most Monarchists view this as a sign of weakness, and several have called on her to abdicate in 5 years if she does not marry by then.

Her reign over Alksearia has been marked with several crises: the Balistrian Coalition War, the Xathosi Revolt, the Eldras Controversy, and, most recently, Military Conduct within Balistria. Even with these controversies, the public views her highly favorably. Several polls conducted so far show she holds a steady 79% approval rating among Alkarae within Alksearia, and holds a 81% among Alkarae living internationally.

Personal Life



Official Full title

The Offical Title of the Monarch is typically only reserved for Offical paperwork, or for ceremonial reasons. The typical title for Dorothea is: Queen Dorothea, Queen of Alksearia

The Full Title is: Queen Dorothea, Queen of Alksearia, High Duchess of Sergia, [insert other dynastic lands titles here], [insert the colony title here when that happens (you fool)], Governess of the Church of Xaethos, single