North Dverian National Defense Forces

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North Dverian National Defense Forces
Põhja-Dveria riigikaitsevägi
Founded22 July 2016
Service branchesGround Forces
Air Force
Naval Forces
Home Guard
PresidentPeetrus Kuusk
Minister of DefenseJüri Kõuts
Chief of the General StaffMaj. Gen. Martin Poska
Military age18
Active personnel68,157
Reserve personnel165,049
Budget$13.31 billion (2021)
Percent of GDP2.15% (2021)

The North Dverian National Defense Forces (Dverian: Põhja-Dveri riigikaitsevägi) are the unified armed forces of the Republic of North Dveria that were established in 2016, and are controlled by the Ministry of Defense. North Dveria's defense concept is based on a mobile professional rapid response force and a reserve segment that can be called up quickly should the need arise. The National Defense Forces consists of Ground Forces, Naval Forces, Air Force, and National Guard. Its main tasks are preserving the independence and sovereignty of the state, integrity of its land area, territorial waters, and airspace.