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Spoken in: Nestonia (Ayaupia)
Total Speakers: 5 millions
Genetic classification: Northwestern Gondwanan
Official status
Official language of: Nestonia (Ayaupia)
Regulated by: Ayaupian Linguistic Federal Authority
Language codes
ISO-639-1 ns
ISO-639-2 nes
ISO 639-3 nes

Nestonian is a northwestern gondwanan language belonging to the ayaupian family, spoken in the constituent country of Nestonia, in Ayaupia. It is the first language inherited from Proto-Ayaupian and that would lead the way to other ayaupian languages, as Palayonian and Asconian.


Nestonian evolved from Proto-Ayaupian around the 5th century BE as kingdoms and influential cities began to rose. They were spoken by the felines, the humans and the elves which lived together in the same region. The first written form of nestonian comes from the Pales Codex which was the foundating book of Palescia, also known as the kindgom of the Pales.

Nestonian was spread from Palescia, which was the starting point, to all around the nestonian regions until it reached the Ulsta, the separating river of nestonians and ancient scanderians. The language became rapidly associated with felines, as those took over the different forms of power and were the ruling species at the time.


It is a northwestern gondwanan family language, classified under the ayaupian sub-family, descending from proto-ayaupian.


Nestonian is mainly spoken in the constituent country of Nestonia, and is the official language of that territory, along with Federal Ayaupian. It is only spoken by felines, which are named nestonians, thus the other species, humans and elves, speaking other related languages. According to the law and the Ayaupian Linguistical Federal Authority, nestonian should be the official language of any administrative territory or sub-territory in Nestonia, and should be spoken by its inhabitant as well as the federal language. Nestonian is codified and standardised, but is made of many variants.

The different dialects

Nestonian is home to multiple variations which are standardised in their written and oral form as well, some of them possessing unique glyphs and phonemes.

  • Palescian : spoken in Palescia province, is the original form of nestonian and is the closer to the standardised version. It is the only dialect to have kept some old features of proto-ayaupian.
  • Alanustan : spoken in Alanuste province, comes from the influent city of Nuste that ruled the region. It is itself divided into four distinct dialects, two classified as "western alanustan", comprising Proper alanustan and Alnelan, and two other classified as "eastern alanustan", comprising Ostilan and Nostalelan. Both of each group were heavily influenced by the leading power in western and eastern territories, Palescia and Pacelan tribes.
  • Pacelan : spoken in Pacel province, it has more variations and is the most spoken form of nestonian after palescian. It has a small dialectical variation in the east, called "eastern pacelan", which is a mixed form of pacelan and puvastelan.
  • Puvastelan : spoken in Puvastel province, it is one of the most distinct variants as it has been influenced by the scanderian language beyond the border. It has unique features as "sh" sounds and a specific accent.
  • Melanan : spoken in Melanicia province, it forms its own group of "mountain nestonian" with estolan, distinct from the flatlands and coastal dialects.
  • Estolan : spoken in Estol province, it is one of the two "mountain nestonian" dialects, and has one of the more evolved form of nestonians, fairly different from other dialects.


Alphabetical order

As every other ayaupian languages, it doesn't possess B, D, F, G, H, J, X or Z.

There is no R, replaced by a L instead.

A C E I L M N OE (O) P S T Ü (U) V



A : /a/ OE : /oe/ Ü : /y/ E : /ɛ/ I : /i/


Like in other ayaupian languages :

C : /k/ L : /l/ M : /m/ N : /n/ P : /p/ S : /s/

In puvastelan, S : /ʒ/

T : /t/


Staynish Nestonian
Sky Moetap
Water Lapust
Fire Capust
Rock Coeloest
Wood Poecust
Heat Moelust
Mountain Apumap
Man Parec
Woman Nolec
Sun Oepvoestap
Cloud Upmatust
Earth Toelup