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The Kingdom of Balistria

Balestra Krallığı
Flag of Balistria
Coat of arms of Balistria
Coat of arms
Motto: Through the Shadows, We Persevered
Regional Map
Regional Map
and largest city
Official languagesMyrian
Ethnic groups
(2017 Estimate)
99% Ursine
.5% Elven
.5% Other
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Abdul al-Ayoub
• Grand Vizier
Yuk’kot’um Whit’chest
LegislatureGrand National Assembly
Council of Viziers
Chamber of Deputies
• Kingdom of Balistria
9/10/875 - 15 December 2020
• Total
165,033.79 km2 (63,719.90 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• 2020 census
• Density
122.52/km2 (317.3/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyBalistrian Lira ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+43
ISO 3166 codeBAL
Internet TLD.bal


The term "Balistria" and "Balistrian" come from the ancient word referring to those who inhabited the island. "Balis" is the name of the island, "-ria" or "-ia" means "from the area; from the region" (Balistria means "those who are from Balis)


The history of Balistria is typically divided into three distinct periods: The Ancient Elven Balistria, The rise of Urisine Balistria, and modern Balistria. The history of the Kingdom of Balistria ends with their annexation by ALksearia following their defeat in the Balistrian Coalition War

Early Inhabitants

The Earliest inhabitants of modern-Balistria was comprised of Alkari Elves and Ursines living in the region. In ancient Balistria, both the Ursines and the Elves lived together in relative harmony. Groups of communities were formed around the idea of trading between the tribes. These tribes lasted until the rise of the first city-state near modern day Ouroborous. It was from here where the first term "Balistrian" was used to refer to those who came from the island. The island would remain in small city-states or small provinces until the Impalazen Empire came in and conquered the island.

Formation of the Kingdom

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The Rise of the Ursines (1450-1590)

After the collapse of the Impalaza Union, the first natural Balistrian King was an Elf from Ouroborous.

Operation Elven Fall and the Aftermath(1590-1620)

Golden Age of Balistria

Fall of the Kingdom

This Kingdom finally ended after it was annexed by Alksearia after the end of the Balistrian Coalition War.


The government of Balistria is comprised of a bicameral system. The upper house, the Council of Viziers, forms the government while the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, handles most internal policies. The Office of the Grand Vizier is superior to the legislature

Council of Viziers

The composition of The Council of Viziers as of August 2020: (parties from left to right)

Nationalist Party: 78 seats
Imperialist Party: 43 seats
Official Opposition:
Conservative Party: 25 seats
Other Opposition:
Independant: 4 seats

The Council of Viziers holds the power in the government. The party that holds the majority gets to elected a leader among themselves. In the event of a coalition government, the coalition members must elect among themselves who will be the Grand Vizier.

Grand Vizier

The Grand Vizier is the head of government of Balistria.

List of Grand Viziers

Yuk’kot’um Whit’chest(Current)

Chamber of Deputies

The Lower House comprises of a representation of

Balistrian Armed Forces

Main Article: Balistrian Armed Forces

Like other nations, Balistria maintains a permanent armed force solely used to enforce order, conduct combat operations, and generally project the kingdom's power onto others. While focusing on a more aggressive, almost imperialistic stance, Balistria has heavily funded toward its Special Warfare Group for secretive operations as well as creating the Honor Guard unit to protect major leadership figures during times of conflict. The military is headed by the Moon King, Abdul al-Ayoub, and is mainly centered around the Ar ait. The military currently has four branches: the Balistrian Naval Forces, the Balistrian Arieal Forces, the Balistrian Ground Forces, and the Special Warfare Group.