Milseáin Trodaí

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Milseáin Trodaí
Milseáin Trodaí
TypeStatutory corporation
Founded10 October, 2019
HeadquartersSherman, Meagharia
Area served
Key people
Fiach Gábháin (Sweetmaster General)
Number of employees
15,420 (2020)

Milseáin Trodaí or Warrior Sweets is a Meagharian Confectionary Corporation. The company has a monopoly on all sales of Chocolate and other Sweets within the borders of the The Secular Republic of Meagharia. The company is best known for products such as "Meagharian Candy Coated Morsels", "Fearless Figs", and "Secular Sucrose".


Milseáin Trodaí was officially incorporated on September 10, 2019, as a part of Executive Order No. 5 also known as the Material Morale Improvement Act as a part of an effort to materially improve the access of Meagharian citizens to consumer goods without religious ideas being infiltrated along with them. As the First Sweetmaster General of the company Grand Marshal Nathaniel O'Fahr appointed former logistics officer Fiach Gábháin, to run the company and ensure that the goods would be delivered to all of Meagharia. The order also gave the company access to land on which to grow sugarcane and cocoa, although the exact locations of those plots of land are kept confidential in order to prevent sabotage it is beleived that these plots are worked by Milofite Prisoners undergoing reeducation.

Conspiracy Theories

There is a theory that due to the seemingly unsuitable climate of Meagharia for sugar and chocolate production that in reality Milseáin Trodaí does not produce any candy or chocolate, instead importing these products from Tavaris before repackaging them in Meagharian Friendly wrappers. This theory started on the site 5san and is seemingly backed up by the fact that other than the corporate headquarters one of the only publically known places owned by the corporation is a warehouse in Viele, a short boat ride from Rodoka, Tavaris. Milseáin Trodaí has furiously fought against these allegations, even opening up a tour of one of their growing locations for filming by select members of the Meagharian media, thought the location of that filming was also kept secret. The theory mainly persists as a meme among Meagharians on 5san, usually without much seriousness.