Military of Kostromastan

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Joint Kostrom Military
Emblem of the JKM
Service branchesKostrom Armed Forces, Kostrom Air Force, Kostrom Subterran Forces
Commander-in-ChiefBoris Olegovich
Military age18 years of age
Reaching military
age annually
(2016 est.)
Budget$2.94 billion (FY2016)
Percent of GDP1.02% (FY2016)
Domestic suppliersDesert Arms & Co.
Foreign suppliersWey-Yu Industries, Serenitech, Posol Industries

Chain of Command

Position Incumbent


Funding for Each Military Branch (as of 2015)
Military Branch Revenue
Subterran Forces $
Ground Forces $
Air Force $

Air Force

A total of 27,000 individuals are employed by the Air Force.

Aircraft Number Cost per Unit
HH-60J Jayhawk
AH-1 Cobra


The Kostrom Armed Forces are made up of multiple legions, altogether employing 972,000 individuals.

Coast Guard

Although there are no coasts of Kostromastan, the Kostrom Coast Guard focuses its efforts on the Salov River, Kostromastan's only source of water. They also have efforts to monitor the actions of Xiopothos and Baykalia, so as to make sure that the Salov River's flow is not cut off to Kostrom cities.

Subterran Forces

A remnant of the Kostuvastan Civil War, the Subterran Army is a branch of the military that is composed of state-of-the-art equipment, with Kostromastan being the primary innovator behind subterrenes. A total of 207,000 individuals are employed by the Subterran Force. It must be noted, however, that the Subterrenes, although state-of-the-art, are not particularly fast. With a top speed of 5 miles per hour, subterrenes have to move slowly in order to detect the density of the soil ahead of it is, so that the drill can adjust accordingly.


A Subterrene being launched


The TB-163 is a subterrene specifically designed for making tunnels, in contrast to its brethren that "swim" through the ground. The most prominent use of the TB-163 would be the revamp of the Kostrom Highway system, which will be a network of tunnels connecting the five major metro areas. This project is due for completion by 2023.

ES Series

The ES series is uniquely Kostromi, and is the more powerful cousin of the D-M series. The ES series consists of the ES-1030, the ES-1399, the ES-1704, and the ES-1850. The most popular of the four is the ES-1704, due to its relative ease of production, on top of its performance in the field.

D-M Series

Used in both Tuvaltastan and Kostromastan, the D-M series makes up the majority of both the Kostrom and Tuvalt Subterran vehicles, the D-M173 being the newest between the two. The reason the D-M series is so popular among the two nations is simply due to the two nations being part of Kostuvastan, each one keeping the store of Subterrenes within each territory.


A prototype of the D-M Subterrenes, the P-T Subterrenes were tested by Kostuvastan during The Auroran Imperial War, but were never used in combat. These subterrenes would, however, be used during the Kostuvastan Civil War, and would pave the way for innovation regarding subterrenes.

The first P-T026 test

The Military of Kostromastan is primarily focused on developing its Subterran and Ground Forces.