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FounderSariv Martov
IdeologyCommunism, Totalitarianism, Centralization, Jingoism
Political positionFar Left
Colors    Dark Red, Gold

Martovism is a political ideology developed by Durakan Revolutionary and political theorist Sariv Martov. It branches of from Marxist Theory by adding esoteric elements to Marx's theories on Class Struggle, giving the classes spiritual elements. Martov believed the classes had inherent spiritual properties, and saw the Proletariat to be spiritually pure as opposed to the morally and spiritually corrupt Bourgeoisie and Aristocracy. Martovic Theory is directly linked with his cult of personality, with the Deistic Cult of Martov having a strong influence over the ideology as a whole.

Martov used these ideas to promote the ideas of Totalitarianism and Socialism in One State, stating that only the purest embodiments of the Spirit of the Proletariat should lead in a Dictatorship of the Supreme Proletariat. These views are not held by all Martovists however (See: Neo-Martovism)

Martovism promotes escalating Class Conflict, believing it is moral to execute those against the spirit of the revolution, including anyone questioning Martovist theory, the religious and those who came from wealthy backgrounds. This "Genocide of the Impure and Treacherous" has seen Martovism denounced by most other forms of Communism.

Branches of Martovism

Following the Death of Martov, Martovism has branched out, with Orthodox and Neo-Martovism as two opposing branches to Martovist Ideology, with sub branches to each of them.

Orthodox Martovism

Orthodox Martovism is defined as any form of Martovism which develops on Martov's writings rather than changing any fundamental Martovist principles.


Martovism-Drexism, also known as Vakari Martovism or, less commonly, True Orthodox Martovism, is the Martovism developed in Vakarastan by Karl Drex. It follows Martovic theory extremely closely, although introducing a more isolationist stance, believing that they must isolate themselves from capitalism until they are strong enough to destroy it by force. It also introducing a hereditary leadership, stating that proletariat spirit passes down through blood, allowing the Drex Family to rule in a hereditary dictatorship.

National Martovism

National Martovism (Often shortened to NatMar)is a from of Orthodox Martovism that wishes to pair Martovism to the Ultranationist Totalitarianism of Fascism in a similar way to Communal Nationalism. NatMar was founded in 1978 in Ostrom, Durakia with those Sympathetic to Fascism and Martovism desiring to cooperate against the Democratic Durakia. It's founder, Henrich Petrov stating a need for the Authoritarian Left and Authoritarian Right to work together for a state with people pure in race and class. NatMars are seen as extremely radical and a fringe group politically, with their largest representation in Politics being a faction in the Worker's National Frontier Party of Durakia.


Neo-Martovism describes a collection of ideologies that split off from more Orthodox Martovism, usually defined by a rejection to the Dictatorship of the Supreme Proletariat.

Popular Martovism

The most well known form of Neo-Martovism is the Worker's Authority Party of Durakia, a Neo-Martovist Party that believed that true Martovism could not be established without the full support of the Proletariat, known as Popular or Democratic Martovism. This allowed the Party to gain a small following from Martovic Sympathizers, seeing it's peak in the late 1980s before a slow decline.


The most divergant form of Neo-Martovism, Anarcho-Martovism seeks to match Martovic Class Purity and Esotericism with Anarchist Philosophy. They wish for a Stateless Society for the Proletariat to be free of the corrupt Bourgeoisie, bringing the Martovic brand of esoteric class warfare to Anarcho-Communism.