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JV Marine Television is a subsidiary of Marine World Networks that oversees television assets owned and operated by The JV Marine World Parks & Entertainment . It was formerly called JV–KNN Television Inc, KNN Group before that, and Kuthern Propaganda News/KTT Inc initially, until JV acquisition of 8th Ave Studios on June 9th, 2018. Assets in the group include the KNN network; cable networks: MarineFreedom, Marine Channels, TM and Urth Educational channels; JV Television Studios: KNN Studios, 8th Ave Studios Television and TM 8 Television Studios; KNN News; and KNN Owned Television Stations. The division also manages Marine Worlds 75% equity stake in F&X Networks. SPKA, along with JV Marine Television, are the two primary subsidiaries of Marine World Networks.

JV Television
Native name
JV Marine Television
FormerlyKuthern Propaganda News/KTT Inc. (1967–1980)

KNN Group (1982–1999)

JV–KNN Television Inc (2000–2017)
IndustryBroadcast and cable television Mass media
Area served
World Wide
Key people
Guillermo Espinar (Chairman)

Julieta Aguinaldo (Chairman, Marine TV Studios and KNN Entertainment)

Raúl Carballo (President, JV Television Studios)
Number of employees
ParentJV Marine World Parks & Entertainment
DivisionsKNN News KNN Owned Television Stations
SubsidiariesJV Television Studios

Kuthern News Netweork JV Channels Worldwide KNN Family Worldwide TM Networks

Urth Educational Channel