List of Petrovian monarchs

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Petra Cauda, in one form or another, has had a monarch as head of state since 279. The only exception to this, was the eleven year period (804-815) in which Petra Cauda became a republic.


Enzo ICipriano IIGiovanni IXFrancesco VIICipriano IAlexandro VGiovanni VIIILuigi IVAlexandro VFrancesco VIAlonso IVFrancesco VFrancesco IVGiovanni VIIAlonso IIIAlexandro IVFrancesco IIILuigi IIIGiovanni VIAlonso IIAlonso IRubiano IAlexandro IIIFrancesco IIGiovanni VGiovanni IVGiovanni IIIFrancesco IFillipo IIIRomero IIIGiovanni IIRomero IILuigi IILuigi IConstantine IIIVivaldo BelottiEraldo SalviMario CasoFillipo IIGiovanni IRomero IPantaleone IFillipo IGiovanni IAlexandro IIConstantine IIConstantine ITedore IAlexandro ISpartak IAleksandre IVano IIPavle IAleksei IVano IHouse of FiorentiniHouse of AlbergatiHouse of BarbacholloHouse of DerbachoHouse of AlbanoHouse of BernittiPetrovian RepublicHouse of DomioHouse of SergiusHouse of Bregvadze