LS Plant 18 disaster

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The LS Plant 18 disaster, also known as the Järvi nuclear disaster, is a currently ongoing nuclear accident that occurred at Liiton Sähköpalveluosuuskunta (LS) Nuclear Power Plant #18 in Järvi, Vesienväl. On 19 January 2022, Vesienvällic state news agency The Worker's Daily reported that a "major power outage" had occurred, affecting the city of Järvi and nearby areas of the state of Vesienväl, one of the nine federated states in the country. The Worker's Daily reported that the state of Vesienväl was placed under a military cordon with access restricted, citing the failure of traffic lights caused by the outage, and said that restoration was expected "shortly" but provided no further information.[1]

The extent of the damage is currently unknown, as Vesienväl has issued no public information regarding the event. Most of what was known as of the evening of the 19th was learned from people living in Vesienväl posting on social media sites such as Pigeon. One individual reported seeing a "bright glow" in the sky, followed some minutes later first by fire trucks and then by helicopters. One of the helicopters crashed outside his home, and upon going out to check on the crash, the individual reported that the air "tasted like metal" and that they had a headache. Both of these are symptoms of exposure to toxic levels of radiation.[2][3]

The Järvi metropolitan area, as of the 2020 census, had a population of 896,229, with 505,664 living within the limits of Järvi Municipality proper. It is currently unknown if any evacuation efforts are underway.


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