Kasmiy Armed Forces

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Kasmiyland Armed Forces
Kasmiy Armed Forces
Flag of Kasmiyland Armed Forces
Service branchesKasmiyland Army
Kasmiyland Navy
Kasmiyland Airforce
Kasmiyland Home Guard
Kasmiyland Amphibious Corps
Commander-in-ChiefKing Leonard Sundberg V
Supreme CommanderGöran Olsson
Military age16–70 years old
ConscriptionRequired by law, but never enforced.
Active personnel320,000
Reserve personnel2 Million
Budget♅76.1 billion
Percent of GDP2%

The Kasmish Armed Forces is the government agency that forms the military forces of Kasmiyland, and which is tasked with defense of the country, as well as promoting Kasmiyland wider interests, supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and providing humanitarian aid.

It consists of: the Kasmish Army, the Kasmish Air Force and the Kasmish Navy, with addition of a military reserve force, the Home Guard. Since 1994, all the Kasmish armed services are organised within a single unified government agency, headed by the Supreme Commander, even though the individual services maintain their distinct identities. King Leonard Sundberg V of Kasmiyland is traditionally attributed as Honorary General and Admiral à la suite.

Kasmiyland maintained a national policy of non-alignment, while the Kasmish Armed Forces strength was based upon the concepts of conscription. In 2010, peacetime conscription was abolished, replacing it with volunteer armed forces including the Home Guard – National Security Force until 2020.

Units from the Kasmish Armed Forces are currently on deployment in several international operations either actively or as military observers, including Latianburg as part of GCOF and in Imperial Fandom. Moreover, Kasmish Armed Forces contribute as the lead nation for an GC Battle Group approximately once every three years.


The Kasmiy Armed Forces have four main tasks:

To assert the territorial integrity of Kasmiyland.

To defend the country if attacked by a foreign nation.

To support the civil community in case of disasters (e.g. flooding).

To deploy forces to international peace support operations.

Kasmiyland aims to have the option of remaining neutral in case of proximate war. However, Kasmiyland cooperates militarily with a number of foreign countries. As a member of the Gordic Council, Kamsiyland is acting as the lead nation for GC Battlegroups and also has a close cooperation, including joint exercises, with FPA/AA through its membership in Partnership for Peace and Gordic-Concordian Partnership Council. In 2008 a partnership was initiated between the Gordic countries to, among other things, increase the capability of joint action, and this led to the creation of GORDEFCO. As a response to the expanded military cooperation the defense proposition of 2009 stated that Kasmiyland will not remain passive if a Gordic country or a member of the Gordic Countries were attacked.

Recent political decisions have strongly emphasized the capability to participate in international operations, to the point where this has become the main short-term goal of training and equipment acquisition. As of 2017 Kasmiyland is leading Battlegroup 1 to defend the sovereignty of East Cerdani after a underground terrorist attack was commenced that killed 6 Kasmish workers at the GC Embassy.

International deployments

Currently, Kasmiyland has military forces deployed on the boarders of West Cerdani with the GC-led Resolute Support Mission. Kasmiyland is also part of the multinational Grunmond Port Force and has a naval force deployed to the Grunmond Port as a part of Operation Mischief. Military observers from Kasmiyland have been sent to a large number of countries, including SCE, Nacata, East Polynesia and Talusi and Kasmiyland also participates with staff officers to missions in Atiland and Imperial Fandom.