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Sublime Khanate of Kalatya

Flag of Kalatya
LargestKala City
Official languagesKalatyan
GovernmentTheocratic Absolute Monarchy
• Khan
Khan Zulfan Ozdimir the 4th
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
793 Billion
The Khanate of Kalatya is a Wealthy Nation on the Northern Coast of Yastria Bordering Packilvania which is considered the Khanates closest friend, The Khanate has a Historical Rivalry Going on with the Kurikian Federation Due to a Island off the Federations Coast being Claimed by the Khanate, The Khanates history goes back to 700BC when the First Feline Settlers Arrived, Leading to the Population being Majority FelinesThe Nations Capital is Kala City Near the Coast with nearly 1.3 Million people living in it

Kalatyas Population of nearly 24 Million is very happy with the current Government Headed by the Khan Currently Zafin the 4th the Özdemir Dynasty (has ruled Kalatya since the 1600s)