Kæzhyn language

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Kæran, Kaezhyn, Kaeran
Kæra Diplomat Flag.png
Flag of the KDC, used as a flag for Kæzhyn
RegionNortheastern Borea, primarily Kæra'zna
  • Za'lyra
  • Færa
Native speakers
aprox. 2 million speakers (2022)
  • Western Azraic
    • Kæzhyn
Early forms
  • Old Zha'zhyn
    • Zha'zhyn
      • Old Kæzhyn
'Standard' Alphabet (Reformed)
Cyrillic (Traditional)
Azraic Abjad
Sy'ef Runic Alphabet
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byKæra Government
Language codes
ISO 639-1kz
ISO 639-2kae
ISO 639-3kae

Kæzhyn is a Western Azraic language spoken in Northeast Borea, primarily in Kæra'zna and Syrtænzna. It is the sole spoken and written language in Kæra'zna outside of diplomatic service and the primary spoken language of the Az'ra population in Syrtænzna, centred around the Presidency of Za'lyr'zna. Around 2 million speak it as a first language, though due to a lack of invested resources and support for the language outside of Kæra'zna, the amount of speakers of Kæzhyn as a second language are considered negligible.