Jariano II

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Jariano II of Peragen
King of Arsal and South Peragen
Sovereign of the Outer Lands
Guardian of Her Legacy
Reign4 April 1986 - present
Coronation4 April 1986
PredecessorQueen Adela III
Astyanax of LespanzaPrincess Jariana
Prime MinistersTunsedoro Tejedor
Born (1955-07-27) 27 July 1955 (age 68)
Royal Palace of Conoso, Conoso
Queen ConsortQueen Cecilia (m. 1978)
IssuePrincess Jariana
Prince Hanzago
Jariano Ris'him Hanzago Felecífero de Conoso y Ksavu
FatherKing Consort Ksavu Risim
MotherAdela III