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Janus Group SA
TypeSocietad Anonima
Founded19 July 1734
Headquarters112 Via Consiglio,
Asilica, Asilica
Area served
Key people
Werner Renzetti (Chairman and President)
Joachim Mueller (CEO)
Revenue4.6 billion SHD (2018)
Number of employees
6,000+ (2019)

Janus Group SA is an Asilican luxury watchmaker based in the city of Asilica. It was established as The Janus Watch and Clock Company of Zalica in 1734, in what was then called the city of Zalica, in the Principality of South Ethalria. It has remained headquartered in the same building since then. It is a worldwide leader in luxury watches for both men and women, and helped build an international reputation for Asilican engineering. Janus Group SA is a publicly-traded company, of which the original Janus Watch and Clock Company of Zalica legally remains as a subsidiary.

2021 Terror Attack

On June 21st, 2021, a car bomb was detonated by a terrorist in front of the Grand Council of Asilica. The building housing the headquarters of Janus Group SA is attached to the company's original storefront, still in operation at 112 Via Consiglio, on the other side of the street from the Grand Council. As such, approximately half of the building was destroyed by the blast or collapsed due to instability afterward. While the most populated portions of the building were less harmed and saw very few casualties, the entirety of the clock shop staff were killed instantly, as well as several dozen corporate staffers of the company. More than 100 employees of the company were confirmed dead as of the last estimated count of casualties.