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Huny, officially the Royal District of Hunyeva and Koronvas is a major city located in continental central Veutoa. It is the capital and largest city of both the Autonomical Irnkiki Region and Uruvana Province.

With around 331,000 inhabitants, it is the 8th largest city in Veutoa by city population and 7th by metropolitan one. It is the only city in Veutoa to be the capital of a region, a special region, a municipality and a province at the same time.


The city

Foundation of the city

Huny is a major city since 1928, when its population reached 125,000. (also see: Denominations to cities in Veutoa) It was the original capital of the Uriava Dynasty since 300 AD to 512 AD. Originally it was called Ho (River City), which was an abbreviation for Hurini Ovava (River City Area) as its almost entirely surrounded by the river's split in 4, 30km before the city starts.