Human Front International

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Human Front International
PredecessorHumanity International
FormationNovember 6, 1975; 48 years ago (1975-11-06)
TypeInternational non-governmental organization
PurposeHuman Identitarianism

Human Front International (HFI) is a worldwide organisation of political parties which advocates for Human Identitarianism. It consists mostly of conservative, traditionalist and fascist political parties and other organisations.

The organisation was founded in 1975 and campaigned primarily against multispeciesism. Over time it gained member parties in primarily human countries. In the 21st century many political parties claim to be religious groups or religious backed to achieve their goals. The HFI maintained no direct control over the actions of its sections, being constituted as a federation of autonomous national parties. Banishment of registered political parties that affiliate with the HFI and its ideals is a common trend.