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HMNV Huginn (type 717/A) undergoing sea trials in 2003

The Huginn class, internally designated by the Kaldrbuth Royal Navy and the Kaldrbuth Military research and development centre (commonly written and spoken as 'M-RAD') as Projects 717, 717/A and Project 717/B are a series of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines being constructed primarily by KDN Marine at the Kaldrbuth NORTH military shipyards, west of Akkeribygð. The Huginn class mark the nations first ever nuclear powered submarine type, and only the third submarine type since the 1940's, as well as only the second ever class of submarines to be built in-house.


The current Huginn design is believed to have originated in the early 1980's. stemming from the collapse of what was at the time, a drive to create a second navy started in early May 1952. The cancelation of this program led to almost three decades worth of funding remaining unspent, and instead being returned to the admiralty treasury where it would lay until around 1983 when construction began on project 717, designated Hull 0, the experimental and then un-named prototype that would spend the rest of it's life in underground bay testing, remaining hidden until 'Project 717/A' was officially announced on the 23rd of December 1991, once more a single early prototype (EV-0, Often referred to as Evo or Project Isa) was built, this time conducting pier-side testing of structural and early electrical systems.

The first of the officially named Huginn class vessels taking the classes name as its own as is tradition, HMNV Huginn (Pennant H01) began construction in 1996, conducted pier side and sea trials from around September 2000 to 2004~ before being commissioned and sworn into the Kaldrbuth navy as the first of a new class of submarine, becoming (until 2017) the flagship of the subsurface fleet, it should be noted however that as with all (as of 2020) eight other vessels of the class, it is openly suspected that they often, if not always used in active operation before being officially commissioned.


Type 717/A

The main production line of the Huginn class, the type 717/A sets a new standard for the Kaldrbuth Royal Navy as the modern subsurface ballistic missile capable ship of choice capable of carrying an estimated, 20x KMC ABM-2 SLBM's, 6x 533mm forward facing torpedo tubes and 4x 533mm vertical launch torpedo tubes (2x stern, 2x bow). Estimated submerged speed is estimated at around 30 knots (~24,000) and around 15 knots surfaced (~14,700t). While later builds of the 717/A are constantly upgraded, they all still use the same hull type and control surfaces unlike the one off B model.

Type 717/B

The second production variant of the series is the modified and upgraded 717/B, an estimated 20-23 meters longer with larger and further forward places bow planes the B model is stated as having 5x forward facing, (one less than the A model, but higher calibre 633mm torpedo tubes, 4x bow 533mm launch tubes and 2x stern, two more than the A model, as well as upgraded electronics, quieter dive plane control systems, a far quieter pump jet drive with a newer screw type, suspected higher ballast tank capacity, reshaped leading edge of the sail, modified and upgraded bulkheads (though unspecified) and vastly superior sound absorbent coatings on all exterior surfaces. While superior in terms of outright performance and capability, only one B model has been built and commissioned, likely due to the significantly higher cost in comparison to the already standard A model. The only serving 717/B HMNV Harald III was named in memory and honour of Harald III of Norgsveldet, as the first vessel to enter service after his death, the HMNV Harald III was also named as the flagship of the subsurface fleet as a whole, taking over the role from the class leader A model, HMNV Huginn.


*does not include prototypes EV-0 or Hull 0

# Name Project Commissioned Fleet Status
H01 Huginn 717/A 2005 South Active
H10 Heimdallr 717/A 2010 South Active
H11 Harbard 717/A 2010 South Active
H12 Hermod 717/A 2013 West Active
H14 Hel 717/A 2015 Unknown Active
H-III Harald III 717/B 2017 North Active
H15 Honir 717/A 2019 North Active
H16 Hrafnheimr 717/A 2020 Unknown Active
H17 Hod 717/A 2020 Unknown Active