Holy Mother of Gadelthene

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Holy Mother of Gadelthene
Heilige Mutter
Matasvintha Veremundo
since 16 March 1977
StyleWise Woman
First holderAmalasontha Gelvira

The Holy Mother of Gadelthene, or The Holy Mother (Ethalrian: Heilige Mutter) is the lifetime spiritual leader of the Gadelthene religion.

According to customary tradition, the Holy Mother is selected within the Gadelthene Church from a young female Usprian elf at Borrotschus upon the death of the incumbent. The selection process is rigorous. The Holy Mother is revered and worshiped by adherents of the Gadelthene Church. The incumbent will live and work at the Borrotschus for the remainder of her life. The standards and etiquette set out for the Holy Mother is especially rigorous; including the vow of celibacy, modesty and clarity.

As of 1977, the Holy Mother is Matasvintha Veremundo when she was selected at age 31. She ascended upon the death of Chlodoswintha Vermata who held the position from 1885 until 1977.