Hasoni Plague

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Hasoni Plague
Other namesElven Death, The Desert's Plague
Transmission Electron Micrograph of Hasoni Plague
SpecialtyInfectious Disease
SymptomsHemorrhagic fevers and seizures, cough with bloody mucous, bruises, sunken reddened eyes, profuse mucous discharge, death
Duration1 week to 1 year
CausesTransmission through infected water
Risk factorsRigorous physical activity, hard labor
Diagnostic methodSymptoms, medical scanning
Frequency3% of affected areas
Deaths~128 Million since first instance

Hasoni Plague is an infectious disease caused by Acuviridae Hasonivirus. Hasoni Plague affects the infected individual's ability to clot blood, and symptoms range from reddened eyes to bruises across the victim's body, but the most common symptom being hemorrhagic fever.

The most famous epidemic caused by the Hasoni Plague was the Age of the Plague, a period in Eastern Auroran history in which a quarter of people died from the disease, including seven Salovian monarchs, the first of which being Orev IV.