Horn of Caltharus

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Horn of Caltharus
Countries and territoriesGreat Morstaybishlia
  • Morstaybishlian
  • Caltharusian
  • Tivotian
  • Blueacian
Major regional organizations
Area114,973.2 km2
Primary languagesStaynish,
ReligionVaerism, Thaerism, Verk'ohism
CapitalsTarov (Tivot)
Total GDP (nominal)billion (2020)
($ per capita)

The Horn of Caltharus, also called the Great Auroran Peninsula and the Dovian Peninsula, is a peninsula located on the continent of Aurora. It contains the northernmost point on the continent, called the Cape of Mortagra. It lies at the approximate halfway point within the Morstaybishlian Sea, and is one of the most economically prolific regions on Aurora, alongside the Lake Lamberta area in Morstaybishlia, the Andel-Aura metropolitan region in Axdel and Emberwood Coast, and the Shachika Metro in Tuvaltastan. The Horn of Caltharus consists of three countries, those being Tivot, Blueacia, and Caltharus, Caltharus being a nation within Great Morstaybishlia. It covers approximately 114,973.2 square kilometers (44,391.4 square miles), and is inhabited by roughly 48.2 million people, 23.1 million living in Tivot, 88,573 in Blueacia, and another 25.1 million living in Caltharus.