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Gongyoo is the National Anthem of Vivancantadia. Written by Izdistro Spartica, who also designed and help wove the modern flag of Vivancantadia. Its highly different from other anthems of due to it not having a bass like drums accompanying it but instead, melodic tunes of aerophones and chordophones can be only heard throughout the anthem. The anthem also has no made lyrics with it as the composer said; "An anthem does not only signifies on its lyrics, but the music as well. Without the music and tune, words won't be enough to emphasize its hidden beauty." It is also considered a sonata as it has 3 movements which signifies a lot of meanings pertaining to the history of the nation.

It is also worth noting that the anthem's music is preserved and therefore shall not be replaced by any means of contemporary music, as stated in the 1983 Constitutional Law of Vivancantadia Article XVI, Section 12 of Culture,Arts and Education. And any people who try to make this will be immediately arrested by the law enforcers and will be fined 30.000-4,000,000 Lireos and 1-4 days of jail depending on the damage that has been made.

First Movement: Heshtjea

The first movement of Gongyoo can be heard here

Second Movement: Infeksionir

The second movement of Gongyoo can be heard here

Final(Third) Movement: Qartësia

The third or the final movement of Gongyoo can be heard here