Golden Elves

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Golden Elves are predominantly brown to bronze skinned elves. This term is entirely used by the cosmetics industry as a shorthand for groups of similar distinct skin tones and can theoretically be applied to any other species whose members have similar tones and skin textures as Elves such as Humans etc. They have absolutely no unifying identity or distinct cultural or genetic elements. They are simply brown to bronze skinned elves. They are the same just like any other elves. The term "Golden Elves" was created by Ibomian anthropologist, Kenza Mundawedze, to describe the unique physical features of brown to bronze skinned elves. The term is not offensive and has been widely used in media. The purpose of this article is to showcase the variety of tones and shades that fall within this spectrum for educational and entertainment purpose. This article by no means endorses the idea that Elves have subspecies and explicitly rejects this notion. Due to some coincidence, they happen to appear predominantly in Iboma. Again, it is just a bizarre coincidence. Ibomians have names for elves with other skin tones such as Silver, Obsidian etc. that can be applied to other species whose skin has white, black etc. tones.