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Godmoding is generally an outright violation of most Roleplaying rules, or at least customs. The general idea behind godmoding, as its name makes evident, is making yourself or your nation godlike in power and unable to die. This is a common problem among people with large egos and small imaginations. While eliminating possible frustration for the player, this can be abused to the point at which RPing is no longer enjoyable. In the Wank-power theorem, Godmoding is defined as making claims above the Wank-power optimum of a player.

Godmode, Godmod, Godmoding, Godmodding, and Godmoddery are all equally acceptable terms for this phenomenon.

What Godmoding is:

Saying what happens to other people's stuff.

Example: "Okay, I just blew up 300,000 of your troops!"

Why this is Godmoding: Because in FreeForm Roleplay, it's up to the person being attacked to determine their own losses. This leads to...

Refusing to take any losses. Or lose. Ever.

Example: "Oh, well, my soldiers had personal forcefields so none of them were actually hurt. "

Why this is Godmoding: This is probably where godmoding gets its name (from God Mode in Doom, where you were invincible after typing IDDQD). Naturally, if nobody ever takes a hit, the fight degenerates into "I HIT YOU!" "NO YOU DIDN'T!", etc.

Acts of God

The cheapest godmode tactic of them all -- invoking God. Surely there is nothing more repugnant than that, especially to those of us who -are- religious. This is a game. God has better things to do with His time than intercede in someone's RPing.

Irresponsible use of Technology, excessive Army size & Stuff.

Example: A 2 day old nation with a population of 6 million "My 6 million man army in vades u with n00ks!!!!"

Why this is Godmoding: Having armies of more than 1% peacetime, without suffering significant (To be RPed) economic and social problems, is sort of impossible. In the same way, going OMFG I N00KZ Y0!!! is sorta regarded as... Well, silly, so one would suggest not doing it if you want to be taken seriously. In the same way, if one enjoys RPing a highly developed, a futuristic, or a magic- based nation, one shouldn't go running around, declaring war on players/ nations prefering a different level. One mustn't necessarily ignore them, but remembering that consent is necessary for cooperative roleplay helps a lot.

changing statistics etc.

Example: n00b: since my country is right next to you and i have almost no army, i shot cr00z missl @ u. Player: Well, since your undefended, and right next to me I will attack using my army. n00b: no! I m not near u, I m actualy 100000 miles away! I also have a billion man army!!1111

This is Godmodding because it is impossible to change stats in mid game. Some n00bs use this to cheat.

Troops and Godmoding

As well as the troops that just won't die, godmoding extends to troops which do other interesting things.

Stealth Troops

"Stealth" is a cool word, but it doesn't mean "invisible". A stealth bomber is just harder to detect than an ordinary one is on radar - ditto stealth fighters. In the current era, there are no such things as "stealth tanks", "stealth rocket launchers" or anything else like that.

Invisible Troops

The temptation with magic (of any description) is to make people and things invisible. Thus, "my invisible tank has driven into the middle of your city. HA HA." This theory, however, is flawed. Invisibility only extends to sight - an "invisible tank" would still make noise, especially when firing its weapon. "Invisible troops" would be even harder to work with, doors would open by themselves and all those orders of the sergeants would be very audible.

Very Fast Troops

NationStates is a big place. You might have a large army, but if it's all on one side of the world fighting in one war, it can't suddenly appear on the other side of the world fighting in another war. In other words, your battalions can only be in one place at once, and will take time to move across the world.

Unknown Logistics

Having your hundreds of thousands of troops marching across the desert to attack the fortress is less plausible if you don't incorporate a realistic supply train.

What isn't Godmodding

Contrary to popular belief, Having übertech, armies that are too large, etc. isn't godmodding. Armies can be quite large, one just has to RP the results, for example economic and social problems, internal strife, not at all loyal populations and the likes.

Übertech is another issue. More often than not, 'Modern tech' RPers tend to disregard every kind of futuristic (Or magical, physics- bending etc.) Technology as godmode or wank. This is, however, not entirely true. As long as used reasonable, it is not a godmode. Again, it depends on consent (Rather than 'I PWN JO0!'), and with whom one chooses to RP with. Fairness is the point. Of course, claiming to be in space with some odd superfortress, ortillering some unsuspecting modern tech nation is inexcusable. However, using it for fluff, and simply not stepping around pointing out how big one is, compared to modern tech nations, but instead RPing with 1. other spacedy nations or 2. doing peaceful things is entirely acceptable.

Godmode in sports roleplaying

The community of sports roleplayers shifted the meaning of godmod slightly since scorinated results do not allow you to take no losses. Here any major distortion of reality is called godmodding. For example: it is not physically impossible for a player to score 90% of the goals for a certain team, but it is highly unlikely and due to this a distortion of reality. A notorious example was Belmorian player Alan Belmore; Urk of Giant Zucchini was also accused of godmodding owing to his suspicious longevity. It was often said of Jenji Y of Rejistania that if you were losing 4-0 with a minute to go before the end of a match, you could bring him on and win 5-4.

Godmodding has a different connotation due to that different meaning. Generally it is acceptable, as long as it is well written and funny. It is often used to make RPs funny.

A seperate form of godmodding in sports roleplaying refers to the capacity of the stadia used; it is asserted by many nations that stadia in NS should be larger than RL stadia due to the greater populations in NS. Spaam was the most famous exponent of this form of godmodding, which is also seen as harmless and an opportunity for humourous roleplaying.


Some people in Nation States think that a population increase of several million a day is godmodding. They pay no attention to the Nation States Population counter, because in just 1 year your national population goes from 5 million to 2 billion, and they believe this to be extreme godmodding. They set their own fixed population, and set their logistics and everything around that. Also, If a nation fights a civil war, and the rebels win, the rebels start out with the population of the former government minus the casualties.

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