Fortunan Unitary Nationalism

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Fortunan Unitary Nationalism, sometimes simply called Unitarism in Fortuna, is the political ideology associated with the Unitary Nationalist Party, the ruling party in Fortuna. Following the Unitary Nationalist Party's takeover and Tristano Lyone's rise to power, the ideology developed to further support a totalitarian system.

Fortunan Unitarism took major form following the end of the War Against Foreign Aggression and the growing interest of uniting Fortunan culture and people under one state as it was under the Fortunan Empire. Influenced by the writings of nationalism advocates such as Leonardo Marchello and Vincent Braun, unitarists in the 1970s strongly voiced the need of a centralized government for protection of the Fortunan states from foreign powers. The ideology emphasized the importance of Clarityism, especially Marchellic Clarityism, to further promote the importance of conservative ideals and the need to reunite. It also emphasized the need of total authority and social order while also opposing communism, liberalism, and many democratic processes. Fortunan unitarists also strongly oppose federal systems such as confederacy (the system of the Fortunan Confederation), seeing it as only impeding efforts to create a national identity. Social and economic failures are oftenly blamed on foreign interference, such as during the Toscanan-Emilian War which is described by unitarists as a conflict fueled by foreign powers to keep the Fortunan people separated. Speciesm is also a major aspect of Fortunan Unitarism, for the most part being pro-human in nature. The main targets generally are nekomimis and felines which most unitarists believe have a connection to surrounding nations to the west.

The idea of reuniting the Fortunan isles has always been around since the First Fortunan Empire's breakup in the 1600s, however the ideology itself only really began to take form in the 1850s and entering into the 1900s. The Fortuna Reunited Party, established in 1936, was the first political party to attempt gaining support for a reunited Fortuna, however it slowly dissolved due to rising tensions between the states and the inevitable war between Toscani and Emili. Following the creation of the Fortunan Confederation after the war, the ideology was picked up again by the newly formed Unitary Nationalist Party which wished to achieve a similar goal to it's predecessor.