Folke Senatet

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People's Senate
Folke Senatet
39th Senate
Founded4 May 1921
Preceded byMunicipal Corporation of Visnetorpe (1831-1921)
National Reconciliation Committee (1920)
City ChancellorAsgeir Holst, Gothiric Conservatives
Since January 4th 2022
Civil Directory Deputy
  • Kari Toksvig, Centre Party
  • Ivar Holden, Citizen Democrats
  • Bente Ihlen, Visnetir National Alternative
  • Arvid Østvedt, Visnetir Economy Party
  • Anders Olsen, Alliance of the Crown
Leader of the Right OppositionLeif Jacobsen, Harmony and Cohesion
Since June 10th 2019
Leader of the Left OppositionLudvig Killian, Social Reformist Union
Since January 4th 2022
Folke Senatet Factions.svg
Folke Senatet Parties.svg
Senate political groupsVisnetir Government (66)
  •   Democrats (25)
    •   Centre Party (13)
    •   Citizen Democrats (12)
  •   Conservatives (24)
    •   Gothiric Conservatives (16)
    •   Visnetir Economy Party (8)
  •   Visnetir National Alternative (9)
  •   Alliance of the Crown (8)

Right Opposition (29)

  •   Nationalists (Opposition) (18)
    •   Harmony and Cohesion (11)
    •   National Action (7)
  •   Obstructionists (11)
    •   Wellinist Social Party (9)
    •   Homelander Party (2)

Left Opposition (25)

  •   Radicals (13)
    •   Party for a Visnetir Republic (7)
    •   Freyr's Chosen (4)
    •   Visnetir Marxist Front (2)
  •   Reformists (12)
    •   Social Reformist Union (9)
    •   Liberal-Green Party (3)
Voting systemOpen-list proportional representation
Last election4 January 2022
Next electionBefore 2027
Meeting place
East Wing, National Theatre of Visnetorpe, City of Visnetorpe

The Folke Senatet (or People's Senate) is the unicameral legislature of Visnetorpe. De jure, it acts as the sole legislative body in the country, though regularly shares power with the Privy Council for Visnetorpe, which possess the ability to exert the monarch's right to pass through legislature with considerable impetus - though the Senatet theoretically holds the constitutional right to later vote to annul any piece of legislature passed by the Privy Council through the same 3/5 majority of other bills. The body was founded following negotiations between Gamlevinland and the National Reconciliation Committee (NRC) - an emergency government formed from a splinter group of the Vinlander Parliament in Visnetorpe who supported compromise with the Monarchists to maintain the survival of democracy. As such, the Senate formed primarily from the practices of the Vinlander Parliament (which were continued by the NRC) and the regional government of the City of Visnetorpe, being the rentowner elected Municipal Corporation.