Eldras VI

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Eldras IV
King of Alksearia
King of Alksearia
Reign5 Febuary 1993 - 16 October 2020
Coronation12 May 1993
PredecessorKing Eldras V
SuccessorPrincess Dorothea
Born15 March 1976
Royal Castle, Urgia-Nova, Urgia-Nova Proper, Alksearia
Died16 October 2020(2020-10-16) (aged 44)
Ouroborus, Balistria
SpouseQueen Annia (m. 1996)
IssuePrincess Dorothea
Prince John
Princess Andrea
Eldras Albertus Tuvania
FatherKing Eldras V
MotherQueen Victoria
ReligionChurch of Xaethos

King Eldras VI was King of the Kingdom of Alksearia from 1993 until his death in October 2020. He ascended to the throne after his father, Eldras V, died suddenly in Febuary of 1993. Ever since Eldras VI rose to power, the Kingdom of Alksearia has started to try and increase it's influence on the world stage, and exert more influence in the region. However, his reign was harshly criticized in 1994 over his age, since he assumed the throne when he was 17, and plagued by a controversial dismissal of the Council of Lords in 2001. He is mostly approved by his citizens with a 84% approval rating.

He died on October 16th 2020 after being executed by Grand Vizier Yuk’kot’um Whit’chest. His eldest daughter, Princess Dorothea, is slated to inherit the throne. His death sparked the Second Alksearian-Balistrian War.

Early Life

Eldras was the first born of King Eldras V and Queen Victoria. He was born in the Royal palace due to his father's general mistrust of the public. Eldras grew up isolated from most of the Kingdom until he was introduced to the court in 1984. From there, tensions between his father and himself grew. Eldras sought out a private tutor behind his father's back and started to educate himself the same way that most of the Kingdom was educated. He again went against his father's wishes when he started to peruse an accelerated program of education. At age 16, in a bold move of defiance, Eldras applied to the University of Alksearia where he was accepted into their bachelor's program for International Politics. This move almost resulted in Eldras' removal from the line of succession, but it never happened as his father became ill in late 1992.

Eldras was on track to compete his Bachelor's in International Politics in 1993, however, the sudden death of his father pushed his degree back by a year.

Early Reign

In December 1992, his father grew ill to a point where he couldn't fully perform his duties as a monarch. Eldras took up the torch and started to perform some of the duties of the Monarch while his father recovered. After a few days, his father was back on his feet and functioning. Eldras then left and went back to his studies at the University of Alksearia.


In 1993, Eldras VI started to open friendly relations with the United Kingdoms of Norgsveldet and Great Morstaybishlia over curiosity of how a constitutional monarchy works and operates. Ever since then, Lord Alfred of House Novarian has harshly criticized his politics. Recently, he called Eldras, "a leader with no backbone, and a leader who wishes to undermine everything that the Kingdom for, and as the monarch is committing treason to his own people!" Lord Alfred was later arrested in early August 2020 after a plot to secede from the Kingdom, and to dramatically undermine the power of the Monarch.

Most recently, he has been put under fire for allowing elections to happen in Alksearia. Again, Lord Alfred stood as the person against Eldras, and started to form a splinter nation to go against Eldras.

Changes in Foreign Policy

Upon his accession to the throne in 1993, Eldras started to reverse the idea of isolationism and started to open up relations with other countries, and started to expand trade with other nations. In 2001, he appointed Lord Alexander II to the Council in an effort to better conduct foreign affairs.