Duelland Armed Forces

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Duelland Armed Forces
Duelland Armed Forces
Emblem of the DAF
Service branchesDuelland Republic Army
Duelland Republic Navy
Duelland Republic Airforce
Headquarters22 West ave, Duelland City, Duelland
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Kevin Franklin
Secretary of DefenseZach Harper
Military age18
Active personnel210,000
Reserve personnel120,000
Budget$86.4 billion
Percent of GDP2%

The Duelland Armed Forces is the unified armed forces of Duelland and their civil administration and procurement authorities. The states of Duelland are not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the Duelland Constitution states that matters of defense fall into the sole responsibility of the federal government. In other words, Duelland does not have state-by-state National Guard branches, as is the case in of Kuthernburg

The Duelland Armed Forces is divided into a military part and a civil part with the armed forces administration. The military part of the federal defense force consists of the Duelland Army, the Duelland Navy, the Duelland Air Force, the Duelland Marines, the Joint Support Service, the Joint Medical Service, and the Cyber and Information Domain Service.

As of May 2020, the DAF has a strength of 212,100 active soldiers and 91,349 civilians, placing it among the 30 largest military forces in the world. In addition DAF has approximately 120,000 reserve personnel (2019). With Duelland military expenditures at $86.4 billion, DAF is one of the best-funded military in the world.


The role of DAF is described in the Constitution of Duelland as absolutely defensive only. Its only active role before 1990 was disaster control. Within the DAF, it helped after natural disasters both in Duelland and abroad. After 1990, the international situation changed from Kuthern Revolution confrontation to one of general uncertainty and instability.

Today, after a ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court in 1991 the term "defense" has been defined to not only include protection of the borders of Duelland, but also crisis reaction and conflict prevention, or more broadly as guarding the security of Duelland anywhere in the world. According to the definition given by former Secretary of Defense Daniel Radliff, it may be necessary to defend Duelland even Aurora. This requires DAF to take part in operations outside of the borders of Duelland, as part of NSTO or the League Of Novaris and mandated by the PKFU.


Currently (29 June 2020) there are somewhere around 3,200 DAF soldiers deployed in:

  • Atiland
    • Resolute Support Mission
      • 1,600
  • Sokala
    • No Fly Zone over Puntalia
      • 400 personnel
  • Southern Ocean
    • Anti-Piracy
      • 310 personnel
  • Pacific Ocean
    • Anti-Piracy
      • 200 personnel

In addition to the numbers above, 48 soldiers are on permanent stand-by for medical evacuation operations around the world in assistance of ongoing Duelland or coalition operations.

In support of Allied stabilization efforts in Atiland, DAF is also training the new Atland forces.

Since 1991, DAF has lost about 1200 troops in foreign deployments.


The Duelland Armed Forces are a wellt-trained military with 240,000 troops in active and reserve personnel. The Duelland Armed Force defence budget is 80 billion Duel Dollars 3% increase from 2017. The increase comes because of threats from other countries.


The Duelland army consists of 12 active brigades and 5 military regions. Modern infantry have diverse capabilities and this is reflected in the varied roles assigned to them. There are four operational roles that infantry battalions can fulfil: air assault, armoured infantry, mechanised infantry, and light role infantry. The Duelland army has the latest technology at its disposal to preserve the territorial integrity of the Republic of Duelland. The Marines are part of the army branch.


The Republic of Duelland has one of the most advanced navies in the Urth and Duelland has 2 naval bases across the nation:

• The OEAGO Naval Port which is located in Kama Coast

• The Embark Naval Port which is located in Element Coast

The current flagship of the Duelland Navy is the amphibious assault Ship DSS Stephen & DSS Carter which is their leading ships. In addition, the fleet consists of: 4 submarines, 8 destroyers, 14 frigates, 16 replenishment ships, and 1 hospital ships as well as 30 Harriers, 15 Rafle M and 25 SH-60 Seahawks .

Air Force

Duelland currently has 13 fighter squadrons, each with 18-24 airplanes. The air force also has 8 operational air bases around the country. The air force operates a wide-ranging fleet of aircraft, from fighters to transport aircraft and passenger transports to helicopters. It maintains around 300 aircraft in total, of which around 150 are fighter aircraft.


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