Dighairan Revolution

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Dighairan Revolution

Site of the Bohrstadt Defenestration, Bohrsdat Castle
Date20 February – 30 November 1848
Deichaland, Arkalarius

Defenestration of Bohrstadt

  • Death of Maria II
  • Deichlander Monarchy Abolished
  • Treaty of Bohrstadt - Recognisation of the Volkstag and the First Republic of Deichland

Principality of Deichland

Supported by:
First Republic of Deichland
Deichlander People's Militia
Commanders and leaders
Maria II
Alfred von Bohrland
Horst von Heuslen
Franz Meyer
Otto Heidler
Karl Feldt
Casualties and losses
1,294 dead
at least 3,000 wounded

The Dighairan Revolution of 1848 also known as the War of Coal and Blood was a nine month long conflict that arose from the percieved inability of the Von Dyck family to rule over the Principality, with the Radical Society of Bohrstadt foundong the first Volkstag of Deichland and declaring the Republic of Deichland. Many Arkian Nobles took the side of the ruling family, sending forces and supplies to assist the Royalist cause. Despite this, the the Republican Army of Deichland, alongside the Deichlander People's Miltia, won a string of major victories against the Coalition Forces, leading to the capture of Bohrstadt and Defenestration of Princess Maria II on the 12th November.