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Delegate Libertanny (also known as Serge) has been elected for the Delegate of The East Pacific in June 2020 and re-elected for second term in October 2020. Although Libertanny was running in October 2019 and February 2020 elections, the first successful election happened in June 2020, where Libertanny stood against candidate Zukchiva in one of the most competitive elections in history of The East Pacific.

Election & Attempts

The first attempt of becoming the Delegate happened in October 2018. Although Libertanny prepared a platform and got some attention of possible electorate, he has withdrew from elections in order to support the candidate Fedele.

In October 2019 Libertanny stood as one of three serious candidates to become the successor of Fedele. Although a solid platform was prepared, Libertanny did not succeed, due to Fedele appointing Badger as EPPS Commissioner in order to incriminate Libertanny in front of the public. However, Libertanny still managed to get 6 votes, resulting in 13% valid votes in first round / 14% of valid votes in final round. Soon after that, Fedele, alongside Funkadelia, Aleister and Delegate candidate Davelands have couped The East Pacific and Libertanny found himself as the Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs in Legitimate Government of Marrabuk (who won election with a total of 22 [49%] votes in first round / 23 [62%] votes in final round).

In February 2020 Libertanny has been running for the Delegate office again. However, he did not prepare any platform at all and got a total of 1 vote (3% of valid votes casted).

Libertanny has been elected for the first term in June 2020, getting a total of 30 votes, which ended up in being 56% of all valid votes casted. Zukchiva, the only "serious" candidate that stood against Libertanny has scored 24 votes (44% of valid votes). Until the very end of elections, there was no confidency in either candidate becoming the next Delegate, due to competitiveness of mentioned elections.

In October 2020, incumbent has been re-eleted for the second term, getting a total of 32 votes (63% of valid votes casted). Although at the end of the day, there was a total of 6 candidates running (Libertanny, Zukchiva, Marrabuk, Aivintis, Algerstonia and SirShadow) Libertanny has won elections without as huge competitiveness as in June 2020.

First Term as Delegate

Executive Affairs

On 15th of July, Cabinet votes in favor of establishment of Paxport, which allows Residents awaiting for the acceptance of Citizenship Application to start working within the Executive (except for the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army). On the 2nd of August Paxport is amended and therefore, any Resident can serve in Executive (except for EPSA).

Foreign Affairs

On 15th of June, Libertanny enacts an Executive Order granting Provost (or Deputy Provost in a case of conflict of interest) a permanent seat in all diplomatic talks regarding alliances, non-aggression pacts and similar. On the day of 24th of June 2020, Embassy with the Kingdom of Great Britain is established. On 25th of July, "The Poem of The Greats" (Treaty between The East Pacific and Thaecia) is submitted to the Magisterium. Between 5th and 16th of August, The East Pacific alongside Thaecia and few other regions is hosting the Late Nite Festival.

The Poem of The Greats is ratified by the Magisteirum (WHEN LIBERTANNY, WHEN).

The N-Day Alliance of Consortium and its allies, known as ATOMIC, is announced (WHEN & WHO).

Regional Affairs

On 1th of July, University of The East Pacific (and Ministry of Education) is re-established and Wonderess is named the Minister of Education. On 4th of August, Ministry of Development (design, coding, copywriting) is established and Evrigenis is named the Minister of Development. In early September, Agalaesia (Aga) is named the new Chronicler, upon resignation of Patchourisu.

On 2nd of August, RMB RP Awards are granted by the Bureau of Public Affairs.

In early September, the Bureau of Public Affairs is running the survey regarding moods and opinions of the Residents.

Military Affairs

In early August 2020, The East Pacific joins The South Pacific, The North Pacific, The Rejected Realms, The Order of The Grey Wardens, 10000 Islands and Libcord in the Liberation of South Pacific. Official attempt is reinforced by Regional Militias (of TEP, TNP, TRR, XKI, Thaecia, UDS, FNR, Grey Wardens, KoGB, SLU and Wintercrest). The Liberation gathers a total of 170 WA Nations, of which, 90 decided to participate. Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army and The East Pacific's Militia sent a total of 51 WA nations, which participated in either update. Liberation of South Pacific became the biggest updater force in history and the biggest defender operation in history.

In late August, Catiania (third in command of EPSA) develops a trigger bot known as CatBot.

World Assembly Affairs

On 8th of July 2020 Libertanny surpasses Marrabuk in number of endorsements and becomes the World Assembly Delegate of The East Pacific.

Other Affairs

At the very beginning of Delegacy, Libertanny nominates Zukchiva, Aivintis, A Mean Old Man, Dragons Blood, The Atlae Isles and The Earth Systems Alliance for the office of Regional Officers. In addition, Libertanny re-nominates all of the current Arbiters, namely Zukchiva, Asendavia, Wallenburg and Pakitsk. Lastly, Libertanny nominates A Mean Old Man for the position of Vizier, who is confirmed by Magisterium on 18th of July. In the meantime Virgolia is nominated for the office of Chief Officer of Justice and is voted in on 20th of July.

During the night between 12th of July and 13th of July Libertanny and his Cabinet announce the new alignment of The East Pacific - Windows Defenderism. The announcement was made to mess with the recently popular rumours of The East Pacific being defender-leaning.

In mid August Libertanny nominates New Leganes (also known as Sammy) for the office of Vizier. New Leganes is confirmed by Magisterium on 31st of August.