Death Valli

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Overview and Short History

Death Valli is a complicated Communist country with high standards of defeating corruption and promoting equality. This leads to a form of communism that makes many people dislike it but not hate it. Death Valli had a peaceful revolution/transition from a democracy to a Communist Government after the Great War and seeing all the corruption in other countries. Ancient Death Valli pre 1500s was a Tribal system of villages and communities, each with a Chieftain that together elected a King of the Area. The Kings of each area would get together and elect a High King. Now, Death Valli boasts great fishing, boat building, item manufacturing, and oil and ore deposits.

The Capital of Death Valli is Vaterstadt, which is also the largest city in population.

Government of Death Valli

The government of Death Valli is considered State communist, but it includes many redundancies to prevent a dictatorship or large amounts of corruption. The head of office for the state is called The Father to employ the title to encourage the head of state to be a father like loving figure to discourage corruption. There are two political parties that are supported by the state via approval but not controlled by the state. The Father is elected by the people who produces their quota and aren't criminals. The Father is also renamed to The Mother in cases of a woman getting into office, which has occurred before.

State Budget

The Budget of the Government is made to be balanced and good fore everyone. It is shown best in a pie chart


Government Departments

There are a few different departments in Death Valli. These consist of the agricultural and well-being F.I.S.H. (Food Information Sanitation Health), the security and protection team D.U.O.S. (Departmental Union of Oversight and Security), the


Death Valli has two national languages, Staynish and Ethalrian. The culture of Death Valli is very fishing based, as back before the peaceful revolution the tribes mainly fished.

Folk Tales

Death Valli has many folk tales. Some of these include the folk tale of the Fishers and the Fishpeople. In ancient folk tales originally passed down mouth to mouth, Death Valli tribal fishermen would go to war with the Fish-People and hold them back from invading Death Valli and the world. A snippet of the oldest written text (translated) of this story goes as following: "It was the third moon since we had set out. Our voyage was dangerous, eying the water in out little canoes. Canoes are the gods chosen stealth boat the elders would say. They were right. As we neared the Ice-Land, we saw a ice float near us. We prepared our bows and spears for the coming battle. The foe was a scary fish people. Some called them demons, some cursed humans, but no matter what we knew they wanted the village for themselves. And so we set out in the mid bleak winter, ready to serve and protect our families. And behold, the ice cracked and we saw the horrifying figure of a Fish-Person, their eyes found us like beams of moonlight. We were too startled to move, and they quickly surrounded us. We began to fire and stab, but our brothers and sisters were killed until it was just me, the chiefs daughter, and the best of our archers. We glanced at each other and knew our time had come. Then it seemed the wind shifted and the gods took pity on us, and bestowed upon us new strength. We finished off the Fish-People, and upon returning to the village with the head, we were told we were Fisher-Men, to train the young ones how to fight our enemies and save our lands. To this day you can hear the echoing fighting from the Spirits of the Fisher-Men and the Fish-People battling near the Ice-Land. Hear their cries and know they serve us in eternity"

Calendar and Holidays

Death Valli uses the Gregorian Calendar. It has many unique Holidays, Such as Revolution day (September 27, 1918). Revolution day was the day the government officially peacefully transitioned into a communist government. May 5 is national Fishing day, where everyone gets a day off to go fish. July 4 is the celebration of the Crimson sea, called Day of Red Sea. This holiday happens every week and actually lasts a whole week from July 1-8. Everyone gets the whole week off and drinks Reddish colored ale no matter their age. This is to celebrate the unique Red Algae Blooms native and special to the area. Christmas and Easter are celebrated at their normal times, and Day of Good Health is August 26. That day is a day off and mainly for people to go get health inspections.