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Hierarchy of the Church of Xathos

The following list is a list of positions and ranks that form the Clergy of Xathos. The highest of these is the Archbishop and the lowest official rank is Pastor. The following list is the Canonical hierarchy.


The Archbishop is the head of the Church. They are the final authority on doctrine, Theology, and the government of Eternatus Island. The current Archbishop is Archbishop Rhea III. The position is elected from the Council of Elders upon the death or retirement of the previous Archbishop. While provisions exist for the retirement of an Archbishop, no Archbishop has retired from the office.




Title Below Pastor

Titles below Pastor are not defined in the Official Doctrine of the Tomes, however, during the last 200 years, Archbishops have granted Vicairs the power to appoint lay people to positions below Pastor without formally ordaining them. This practice was commonly done during the 1800s before the Council of Elders changed the Doctrines to allow married individuals to serve as Pastors.

Archaic Titles

The following list are titles that show up within older versions of the Doctrine of the Tomes, but are no longer used in the modern Church

  • Head Bishop - old name for Archbishop.
  • Head Elder - old name for Arch Elder.
  • Bishop-in-waiting - old third in command title before the Archbishop was an elected position. The last time the title was used was 1634 before the assassination of Archbishop Michael VI by the hands of his Bishop-in-waiting.
  • Head Shaman - pre-reformation title for Elder
  • Elder Pastor - pre-reformation title used to describe a Pastor who had been ordained for nearly 30 years, but had never obtained the title Shaman. Was last used ceremoniously to honor Pastor Hector Toriun after his impressive 70 year career as a Pastor before dying in 1989.

Branches of Church of Xathos

Alkari Church

Le Main branch of Xathosi. Directly lead by the Archbishop in Eternatus, Eternatus Island, Alksearia.

Ursine Church

In 1988, the Ursine Church split from the Central Church over disagreements over the Archbishopric. In a controversial move, the College of Elders voted to deny the writ of nomination from King Eldras V, allowing the College to elect a member themselves. Two candidates eventually came to be: the now-Archbishop Rhea III and High Elder Vorg’rath Tel’kum. After an unprecedented 10 rounds of voting, Archbishop Rhea was named the new Archbishop. The Balistrian Church took offense as High Elder Tel’kum had been around for longer, and had served on the previous Archbishop’s council. The Ursine Church declared itself sovereign from the Alkari Church, and instituted their own Archbishop. The Ursine Church only has a following within Balistria, however, recent tensions between Balistria and Alksearia have resulted in the Ursine Church starting to decline.

In late 2019, the Ursine College of Bishops voted on a resolution to bring themselves back into full communion with the Alkari Church. The vote failed 88-89, with the Archbishop casting his first vote within the college. A similar resolution was brought up in August 2020, however, the resolution was never brought for a full vote as the College was placed on an indefinite hiatus due to recent political events in Balistria. The Ursine Church is expected to return to session on January 1st, 2021, but may come back earlier.


-Xathos, also denoted at the Pantocrator, is the Creator

-There are a minor deities referred to as the Spirits, and are stylized as Saints.

-Small centers of worships are referred to as "Temples" and a seat of an Elder is a Cathedral. The Seat of the Archbishop is in an Arch Cathedral.

-Temples are named after their Patron Spirit. Cathedrals are styled after Xathos or their various natures.

-The Alkari Communion is the main Communion for the Church of Xathos.