Chamber of State of the Dorstruik Protectorate

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The Chamber of State (Vistarian: Kamer van Staat) was an appointed provisional executive body which acted as the de facto government for the Dorstruik Protectorate until the dissolvement of the Protectorate in November 1978 over disputes between Vistaraland and the Western Provinces.

Members of the Chamber took positions adjacent to Cabinet Ministers in other countries, heading departments which saw to the day to day running of Northern and Western Adelisia. The Chamber was made of 14 Members, as well as a representative of Vistaraland and the Western Provinces respectively who were given the ceremonial title of 'Co-Director', and would meet twice every week.

Member Term of Office Political party Position
# Name Took office Left office
Oliver Tore-Bora 5 June 1972 10 November 1978 Jonge Edalavia Speaker of the Chamber, Minister of State
Jurrijn R. Ebus
9 June 1972 29 October 1978 Ademarist Democrats (DFV) Co-Director of Edalavia, Head of the Vistarian Delegation
Karl Aerts 12 June 1972 7 June 1974 Constitutional League (UWP) Co-Director of Edalavia, Head of the Provincian Delegation (Unitl 1974)
Willem de Bruin 11 June 1974 8 November 1978 Ademarist Alliance Party (UWP) Co-Director of Edalavia[n 1], Head of the Provincian Delegation (From 1974)


  1. De Bruin served as de facto Director between the 29th of October and the 8th of November, 1978 due to the rescinding of the Vistarian delegation